May 17, 2010

A Brick Path and a Garden Party

I told you it was wedding season. In addition to the wedding ring quilt I've just started, I'm also making a lap quilt for another upcoming wedding. When I think of my friend Roxanne, I think of bright colors. Both her personality and her wardrobe are colorful and happy. But there's one dress in particular she wears that inspired her future's a solid royal blue A-line with a big black belt at the waist. When I was running patterns and color combinations though my head, that dress popped in there and I let out a mental "Eureka!". Out came the Anna Maria Horner Garden Party stash (as if I need any excuses to use her fabric) and I was off to the races.

I decided to use Amy Butler's Brick Path pattern (you can download it for free on her website) because it uses fairly big blocks and I really wanted to showcase my beloved AMH fabrics. And that part was very important to me because I'm a hoarder. I stash my best fabrics away and can only bear to part with them if the project is for a really special person. And on those rare occasions when I break out the special stash, I obsess over how to best use them because once you start cutting, there's no going back. I can't tell you how much fabric I have that belongs in the "hoard for future children and home" category. I'm like a magpie with a nest of shiny objects. I have cabinets full of fabric, but more often than not I find myself ordering fabric for new projects because I don't want to use what I have. It's terrible, I know. So now that you know how important certain fabric is to me, you can see why I want to make sure it's displayed in all it's peacocky splendor. Anna Maria's fabrics are like paintings. I love her big, bold prints and unabashed use of color...and I thought this pattern would show that really well.

So without further ado...

Four of the six prints I used are from Anna Maria Horner's Garden Party line, but I snuck in Filigree in Meadow from Good Folks and mr. green lotus blossom from an Amy Butler line.

I'll be using 1/2 inch solid teal bias tape for the binding once I finish.

I used the same prints in the same order for this strip on the back, but I changed the block size from 4x7 to 8x7.


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