May 13, 2010

Down but not out...

My sewing machine is in the repair shop, bless it's little mechanical heart, so I've decided to post about my other love in life besides quilting...and my I guess that would make it my "other other" love. I'm a foodie. Completely. Obsessed. With. Food. I love reading about it, watching cooking shows, making it, and naturally...eating it. I have nearly every spice known to man in my kitchen cabinets, and just as many pots, pans, & gadgets. Moving to New Orleans was like heaven to me...but I digress. One of my closest friends at work is getting married next weekend (yay!) and we threw a surprise shower for her last Friday. She's about the sweetest and most selfless person on Earth, so I volunteered to make some very labor-intensive (but adorable!) shower favors. I chose to make sugar cookies with royal icing because 1) they're awesome and 2) they can be morphed into cute shapes.



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