June 17, 2010

Hello. My name is Kaelin, and I'm addicted to fabric

You know you have an addiction to fabric when you have to keep buying more & more storage space for it. *sheepish grin* Thank goodness I had an epiphany a couple months back and invested in some modular storage from Target. They have these Itso modular cubes you can arrange (and rearrange) however you like. I originally bought 6, but had to go back for 2 more today due to my recent fabric buying escapades. My latest relapse occurred when I saw a FQ bundle of Tufted Tweets on Etsy. Who can pass up precious little birds perched on fancy chairs? No one. And that's why it's backordered. It didn't help that the seller was offering the Heather Bailey and Sandi Henderson prints for $2/FQ. I was already paying for the shipping, so what was $4 more going to hurt? Oh you crafty Etsy sellers. You know how to reel me in. Tsk tsk.

Rainy Days & Mondays (1st three), Hope Valley (middle two), & My Mind's Eye (purples on the end)


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