June 9, 2010

Japanese Fabric Love (and Star Wars)

I'm still plugging along on my Double Wedding Ring quilt, which has been made a little easier now that I have a new sewing machine with a thread cutting feature! (*the heavens open and angels sing*) I can't believe how much faster I work when I don't have to keep stopping and snipping threads. Loose threads are the devil's playground, after all. Not to mention I'm saving a ton of thread and feel much less wasteful. I made sure to mention all these things to my husband to help soften the blow of an expensive new machine :)

I have most of the 80 arcs completed, and I hope to have the first full row (which is 4 rings) finished and posted on here by the end of the week - yay! I've been cutting out the melons and centers during my lunch break at work (in between reading the new Stephanie Meyers novella. I'm sorry, I can't help myself...her writing style is pretty terrible, but man can she tell a good story. I get sucked in like a giddy teenage girl every time.)

I just started a Virtual Sewing Bee on Flickr and our focus is Japanese fabrics, so naturally I need to stock up for when I'm "Queen Bee" in November July. It's like Fabricworm marked all her Japanese Imports 15% off just for me ;)

I think the "Robot March" fabric in the center is my fav.

This next picture has absolutely nothing to do with quilting, but everything to do with being awesome. My husband and I will be celebrating our 4th Wedding Anniversary tomorrow, and as we were walking around the mall after work today, I spotted these in Williams-Sonoma. Even though they were a smidge overpriced, the DH let me get them as an early Anniversary present! I'm not one of those fanatical "dresses up and goes to conventions" Star Wars fans, but I've been watching the movies since I was 5 and I've probably seen them in excess of 100 times. Plus the immature small child in me wants to take Storm Trooper cookies to work and see how everyone reacts.


ha! someone posted those cutters on twitter. they are a hoot, and i dont even care for star wars!

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