June 13, 2010

One down, three to go

Piecing curves was indeed much more time consuming (and frustrating) than I originally thought. If you heard the sounds of a crazed woman screaming yesterday, it was me ripping out yet another bunched up seam. I thought I'd be able to have this first row done by Friday at the latest, but I didn't finish until about 30 minutes ago! I'm so very happy I started sewing this early :)

As soon as I finished, I ran outside to take pictures while the sunlight was still good!


These are seriously impressive- if you set this as a block in the Bee a little bit Japanese group I will be quaking in my boots/flipflops

No way - I wouldn't do that to you all! These blocks (I guess I should say circles) have challenged me as a quilter in every way...which is good in a way, but also very maddening! :)

this is gawjus, I am stunned! and yes....please don't ask anything that taxing of us!

Do you know I have always wanted to do a doule wedding ring quilt and my brother is getting married in November but now I'm wondering if a gift is the best time to make a quilt like this...

I also love this one http://www.dsquilts.com/fabric_and_patterns.asp?PageID=83

I love that pattern too! I bought it a few months ago but haven't gotten around to making one yet *sheepish grin*

If you've always wanted to do a double wedding ring, I say go for it. I was the same way, but I kept putting it off because I was too scared or busy. I'd recommend waiting until you have a very stress-free and relaxed schedule so you 1) have plenty of time to devote to getting it right, and 2) don't snap from strees and tear all your hair out...haha. It's really worth it though...it's such a beautiful pattern, and I'm really proud that I pushed myself out of my comfort zone. Now that I've tackled the beast, I know I can conquer pretty much any quilting pattern! (I am quilter, hear me roar...haha!)

wow! this looks amazing! great color choices.

Gosh, this is gorgeous! I haven't had the guts to attempt curves yet. I just did my first half-square triangle quilt top. Once I recover I'll have to tackle curved piecing.

Great work! Beautiful colors!

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