June 2, 2010

Quilting Against Time and a Visitor

I got my sewing machine back from the shop last Thursday and since the repairs took forever, I missed the Wedding Shower and Wedding Day deadlines for Roxanne's Brick Path quilt. I wanted to have it ready for her when we went back to work on Tuesday, but one of my best friends from college (she was a bridesmaid in my wedding) was flying in from NYC for the long Memorial Day weekend. Since I haven't seen her in four years, I thought it would be a tad rude if I whipped out my sewing machine while she was here, so my deadline for finishing the machine quilting was Friday night. I thought if I could get that part of the sewing out of the way, hand quilting the other side of the backing during her visit wouldn't be out of the question because a) it doesn't require a loud machine and b) I could sit on the sofa with her and watch movies while I did it.

After many hours of frantic sewing, I finished the machine part, cleared all my sewing junk off the dining table before the next morning, and spent several nights having quilting parties on the sofa with her while we reminisced and watched some of our favorite shows & movies from college (Sex & the City series, The Chipmunk Adventure, Duck Tales: Treasure of the Lost Lamp, and we even threw in Zombieland as a "new classic"). We also squeezed in some shopping/meandering on Magazine St. and lunch in the French Quarter at one of my favorite restaurants.

But back to quilting...here are some shots of the final product.

More tomorrow on my progress with the Double Wedding Ring quilt!


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