June 28, 2010

Three Down, One to Go

The 3rd row has been finished and added to the quilt, and I'm almost done piecing the fourth row thanks to the NOLA Modern Quilt Guild's free sew this weekend! A big thank you to Denise of Mes Amis who let us take over her shop for four hours this past Saturday (for free!), and also to her husband for running and getting us po boys from a sandwich shop down the road. I'm convinced quilters are about the nicest and most generous people in the world...I love being a part of the quilting community!

This Double Wedding Ring is probably my favorite quilt to date, but as much as I love it, it's really sucked the life out of me. My goal is to finish the top when I get home from work today, and then finish the whole shebang by Friday. I'd really like to relax and enjoy the long weekend!


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