June 29, 2010

The Top is Finished!!!

I'm finally done. And I have to say, I love quilting, but if I had to make quilts like this all the time, I might implode. I don't regret making it because it was exciting to learn I could push myself like this and actually succeed (and also because I got a beautiful and symbolic wedding present for my friend out of the whole deal), but it'll be a long while before I attempt one again. I will make another (eventually) because it's a beautiful pattern and I'd love one for our home. In fact, I have some Good Folks cuts stashed away for that exact purpose. Maybe for our 10th anniversary...or maybe for our 5th next year...I'm wondering now if this quilt would seem so bad if I had a year to finish instead of a few weeks. We'll see...that's a big maybe.

I've already got it sandwiched, pinned, and ready to be free-motionized. The back is more Kona Charcoal (I thought that would be the most "sofa friendly" choice since I have no idea what colors they're decorating in) and the bias binding will be more of the lovely Canyon Stripe you see below.

Here's a shot with some decent lighting, even though I couldn't fit the whole top in the frame.

And this is me standing on a step ladder in our living room in an attempt to capture the entire quilt top.


That is awesome! Congrats, Kaelin!

Great job Kaelin! That looks really great!

Congratulations! The top is gorgeous and I can only imagine how beautiful the finished quilt will be.

What's the size of this one? I think I might be sending that one off to the quilt shop for the binding if it were me, lol. It's really, really lovely, I'm sure your friend will be thrilled.

it's not as big as it looks. it's lap quilt size - i think 54x54?

you are such an incredible friend!

It's gorgeous.

this looks so very awesome!! great job kaelin!!

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