July 12, 2010

Bee (A Little Bit) Japanese Update

If you remember, I'm "queen bee" for the month of July. As of today, I've officially received half of my quilt because blocks #11 & 12 rolled in from Ms. Natalie Leppard. When I was coming home from work today, I heard the melodious sounds of the postman rustling around as I rounded the corner to my apartment. I tried to be casual and say "don't mind me, I'm just being lazy and don't feel like walking back down 2 flights to get my mail, so I'll just stand here for a bit". Which was a lie, because I'd have to come back down to walk my dog anyway. Despite my attempt to seem nonchalant, I'd already eyeballed the fat envelope with my name on it in the stack in his arm, and I wasn't about to wait another 10-20 minutes while I coralled my insane dog for his afternoon walk.

My impatience was rewarded (a small victory for character flaws!) because not only were my two new blocks inside, but a loverly little pincushion from Natalie! (by the way, I can spell, I just have a really annoying habit of mimicking Liza Doolittle by saying things are "loverly")

Can I admit another flaw? I love gifts. I know...that probably makes me sound like Dudley Dursley counting his birthday presents, but it's true. Doesn't matter how tiny or seemingly insignificant the gift may seem...I get excited about everything! Last week a lady at work gave me an extra purse-size first aid kit she got at a Humana meeting, and it made my day. Seriously. I even used a band-aid from it while we were driving to Kentucky. Score. And on that note, another Bee member Kerry send me a sheet of adorable stickers with her blocks (all the way from England!), and I thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. I make/draw a lot of cards for people, so if you're a friend, you may see some precious new stickers incorporated into your mail soon ;)

Since I had enough blocks to make some decent sized rows, I thought I'd take some photos to showcase our Bee's talent. Everyone's done such a great job and I can't wait to snuggle under my international quilt! Enjoy! Gotta run....my mouth's ready for an asparagus party that'll be arriving from my oven in about 2 minutes.


You're cracking me up! I love your story about waiting for the postman...ahhh I think we've all had moments like that.

I can't wait to see this beautiful quilt and I'm surprised that I can actually pick out my blocks. I didn't think that I would be able to. what will the overall size be? Are you making extra blocks for it?

They look so good together! Very harmonious. Glad you liked the stickers x

Ha! You're too cute! I'm glad you think the pin cushion loverly :) Your quilt is going to be super awesome!

I stalk the mailperson too--it drives me *insane* that we have about a million who switch days and they never come on a consistent schedule. My kittens even run for the door when mail comes through the slot ;)

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