July 27, 2010

Best Mail Day Ever!

Normally I come home to a mailbox full of bills or the occasional lonely flyer from Ashley Furniture...but not today! Today was the BEST MAIL DAY EVER! Look at all the fun things that arrived...

This is one of the two spiderweb blocks that arrived all the way from merry ol' England. Thanks Paula for the most adorable songbird ever crafted out of thread!

As if Paula isn't awesome enough, she made me my very own zipper pouch! Union Jack on the front, party in the back.

My 3rd block from the 3x6 Bee also rolled in today. I picked "surprise me" instead of choosing specific colors because I wanted to see the awesome things people came up when they had no restrictions, and by some miracle, all my blocks so far match! Whoda thunk it?


oh super cute little pouch! How sweet of her!

And I'm amazed at how well your blocks for the 3x6 Bee work together when you gave them all completely free license.

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