July 7, 2010


I'M DONE I'M DONE I'M DONE!!! Below are lots and lots of photos. I actually took about 15 more than what's shown below because I wanted to document every square inch of this quilt before I gave it away! A part of me is incredibly sad to give it away because, and not to seem braggy, it's the prettiest quilt I've ever made...and definitely the most difficult, so it's hard to part with something I've spent so much time and effort on. But the other part of me is chomping at the bit to give it to Allison and William! I've decided to give it to them after the rehearsal dinner instead of wrapping it for the wedding because I want to have a more personal exchange and explain why I made it for them :) They're such a loving couple and I thought this quilt would be the perfect symbol of their unity and lasting love. I've known Allison since I was 10 years old, and she's one of those lifelong friends that I'll never lose touch with. She's an incredibly sweet and loyal friend, and she's been dating William for 7 years, so he's come to be a good friend of ours as well. They always trek out to visit us no matter where we live...Philadelphia, Chicago, and I imagine they'll visit New Orleans sometime in the near future...Will loves fish too much for them to stay away for long ;)

We're driving to Kentucky today after work, so wish us luck! Our car ride will include an impertinent Scottish Terrier and a giant box of french pastries from La Boulangerie, so cross your fingers that both the pastries and the dog make it up there intact :)

I tried something new with the binding for this quilt. I've found that the weakest link in my quilts is always the hand-sewn back of the binding. Since it took me almost three months to make this quilt, I was determined that it be of such good quality that it would hold up for years and years (and years...and years). That's why I did the painstaking free motion quilting to hold the layers together, and ultimately why I decided to try machine quilting both sides of the binding. To do this, you sew on the front of the binding like usual, flip it over, and then finish the back with a decorative zigzag stitch (making sure the stitch lines up on both front & back). I'm happy to say it was surprisingly easy! I may start doing this for all my quilts.
We shall see...


Congratulations! And you don't seem braggy...I've had the same feelings about a quilt a tenth as intricate and lovely. Enjoy the wedding (and the scottie...and the pastries! That sure sounds good right about now...)!

It looks beautiful! I love the scalloped edges, so much work and you can see it!

Totally and utterly fabulous - what pattern or instructions did you use to make this quilt? what colour is the backing? I love the Hope Valley binding. They have to love this!

Thank you all so much!!! :)

I used Jennifer Paginelli's free pattern found here. The pattern itself is good, but the directions leave a little something to be desired.

The backing fabric is the same as the melons & centers on the front - Kona Charcoal. I kept monkeying with the camera settings, but for some reason the pictures of the back kept turning out much lighter/brighter than the front. Too bad the Master of Electronics (aka my hubby) wasn't around to help since it's his camera! :)

Over from Flickr. I love this sooooo much! I've got to say, I was working on a wedding quilt for my sister last night and wondering whether it was bad to be so proud of myself. And mine is pretty wonky with mismatched seams and all. Yours is beautiful! I support the personal delivery.

It's so gorgeous...I'd have a really hard time giving it away too.

Have a safe trip! Hope the pooch and the pasteries make it. :)

This is GORGEOUS, Kaelin! You da (wo)man!!!

Allison is going to love it and keep it forever. If I had time I would jump up to KY to come see you, but I'm working and doing school work all week/weekend. Enjoy time with the family!

This is lovely. I showed it to my daughter to see if she wants this quilt for a wedding present, using Hope Valley in all three colorways together with a "putty" shot cotton solid. She loves it, so I'm ready to start cutting . . . you have inspired me!

@Lynette - that sounds like it will be gorgeous! is it the shot cotton from rowan fabrics?...i saw some of that line on purlsoho and i'm tempted to buy some myself! please post pictures on your blog as you progress. i've been toying with ordering a FQ set of the entire Hope Valley line because of how lovely all the fabrics look together :)

Hmmm. This took you 3 months. I found you searching for double wedding ring quilts. A friend of mine asked for a queen size double wedding quilt. I made one block using the same pattern, just to see what I thought. I'm still not sure if I can handle it. I'm not super precise, so I'm afraid that I'm going to spend a long time to end up with a mess! Any advice you can give me would be great.

Oh my goodness....LOVE THIS QUILT! Love the fabric choices so very much!

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