July 14, 2010

Girly Girl Quilt

,So I said I was going to take a week off from quilting after I finished the DWR Quilt for Allison...but as you can see, my resolve only lasted a few days. All I kept thinking about was how many projects I had backlogged, and I started getting antsy. Ray and I would be watching TV at night, and I'd take secret glances at my machine out of the corner of my eye as it innocently sat covered on our dining table (I was taking the break partially because I was exhausted, and partially because I told my hubby I'd take a breather and watch movies with him).

But I realized after work today I had to squeeze in some sewing because I had nothing for the show & tell at our Modern Quilt Guild meeting tomorrow night. Since I'm the one driving this flying umbrella, I couldn't show up to the meeting with empty hands. The DWR Quilt occupied all my sewing time & energy for so long that I didn't have any other projects I was working on, except for a pile of cut fabric I'd set to the side for my cousin Nikki's baby quilt. Out came the blocks, and up and down went my needle.

I only got the first 3 rows done, but that's good enough for my purposes.


oooOOOOooooo...can't wait to see!

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