July 24, 2010


I actually won something...and a BIG something! I follow several different quilting blogs and leave comments for giveaways whenever they have them, but I never really anticipate that I'll win...esp since most of these blogs have hundreds of followers. But God must have been smiling down on our little NOLA Modern Quilt Guild, because I'm going to be receiving this giant box of scraps in the mail soon from Oh Fransson! I'm gonna haul it in for our Weekend Sew when we make our blocks for Rainbow Around the Block :) Hope you NOLA MQGers are excited!!!



I saw this and couldn't enter as it was USA only and I'm guessing pretty heavy- you lucky thing! What a gorgeous rainbow selection

I had to check out who won because I wanted these so badly! I'm actually really happy I didn't win! This is a great use for those scraps. My mom lives in Nashville and my FIL was trapped at the Gaylord for a convention when the flood hit. Congrats to you and hooray for the NOLA MQGers!

Thank you! I can't wait until our Weekend Sew on the 14th because everyone will go nuts over these! We have such a great group of people, and everyone wants to do their small part to help since the rest of the country was so wonderful to New Orleans after Katrina :)

Congrats!! I'm originally from the NOLA area, now in BR. :) I'm glad to have discovered your blog just now from Oh Fransson's giveaway! :)

My stinkin' goodness! I entered for us, too.... sooooo glad you won and are sharing! (But first.... got any KJR in there we can steal? heh, heh, heh!)

Awesome win! Wow that's a lot of scraps!

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