July 21, 2010

If I'm gone tomorrow, you'll know why

If I mysteriously stop posting, it's because my husband has finally snapped from all my fabric purchases and locked me in a closet with no internet access. In my defense, most of the fabric is for Christmas projects my coworkers have asked me to make. But two of them are for my own evil purposes...*twirls mustache*

I've been meaning to buy the Kelp Stripe for a while because I want to make a flocked pillow exactly like one I saw in One Yard Wonders. The fabric.com Last Chance sale seemed like as good a time as any to finally buy it. I also picked up 2 yards of the Teeny Tiny Zoo because I make a ton of baby quilts. Can't beat $4/yard with a stick.

L to R: Mendocino Kelp Stripe in Brown, Alexander Henry's Teeny Tiny Zoo in Primary

L to R: Sparkle All the Way Trees in Lime/White, Groove Dance Floor in Green, Sparkle All the Way Small Trees in Lime, Christmas Little Flakes in Red, Sparkle All the Way Reindeer in Blue

L to R: Flannel Classic Christmas Play Dots in Multi, Flannel Classic Christmas Yule Trees in White

I accidentally ordered those last two in flannel instead of regular quilting cotton. Curses. Fabric.com's Christmas in July sale has ended, so now I'm going to have to find some other website that has them on sale. I refuse to pay full price for seasonal fabric.

On a happier note, I plan to use the scraps from all these Christmas fabrics to finally make a skirt for our tree. It's been naked the past three Christmases. And to double the fun, I'll be backing it with the fabric pictured below. Isn't it presh? Took me a full year to track it down because it's a discontinued print from a 2007 Michael Miller Christmas line. It's called "Holiday Hostess"...how cute is that? I think I might make a table runner out of it too...and cook pot roasts to set on it like Sissy Spacek in Blast from the Past. I love that movie.


I'll keep an eye out for you, fellow fabric addict! If your hubby gets the crazy eye, come over here. Then again, my hubby is likely to get the crazy eye when my 15 new fabric packages arrive this week.

Maybe we should run for the border.

And, I see you have a MoMo Wonderland quilt on your list! Me, too! I've been hoarding the fabric, but I just can't figure out what to do with it. We'll have to talk. I need ideas.

(I'm ending the super-long comment now...)

we may have to run for it. all these killer sales are gettin' me in trouble.

i'm indecisive and couldn't make up my mind which
prints i wanted when the wonderland line came out...but i couldn't afford to be gluttonous and buy them all...so i settled for a jelly roll and a charm pack. i'm going to use the "Scrappy Trails" pattern i bought from Quiltville on etsy. all my fabrics shall be displayed in their whimsical glory, and all will be right with the world.

I always try to get to the mailbox before my DH gets home. Occasionally when I happen to be there when the mail lady delivers she says "still sewing, Mrs. C?"

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