July 18, 2010

I'm just a little black raincloud...

...hovering under a honey tree (this is the latest song that's been stuck in my head while I've been quilting).

I drew and posted a sketch of my Doll Quilt Swap 9 project about a month ago, and I finally started working on it this afternoon! Now that the beastly double wedding ring project is out of the way, I've actually had time to work on several different things (more on those later).

I like that the hexagons are so portable, but they're ridiculously time consuming! I still have 2 more clouds to go - the other two will be a little less symmetrical than the one pictured.

The Flea Market Fancy fabric makes for perfect grass...too bad I'm down to only 1/2 yard :( I think we need to start a Spoonflower campaign to get the Seedlings reprinted!


Hopefully I'm your partner! :)

The fabrics you've chosen are perfect. Looking forward to seeing the rest of it take shape!

It looks good so far! I love the greens and the curved piecing!

This little quiltie is going to be wonderful - perfect fabric choices are really bringing your sketch to life

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