July 26, 2010

Tackling My Next Project

I've had the flu for almost a week now and can't seem to shake it. I decided to bow my head and try to plow through it, but it seems my body finally caught up with me. I woke up like a zombie this morning, called work, and then slept until 11 am. So here I am...lying on my sofa, watching old episodes of the X-Files, and blogging. And even though I'm sick and he's not, my dog has been even more worthless than me today...he's been asleep on the sofa next to me for the past few hours. As you can see, everyone in our family loves quilts.

This latest project is for my former college roomie (and bridesmaid) who's one of my best friends. Normally I wouldn't recommend that friends room together because I saw many friendships implode that way, but Meghan and I were awesome roomies. Possibly because we're the only two people on Earth that love all of the following: 1980's Care Bears Movies, Fran Drescher, and Broadway Showtunes :)

Anywho, when she visited a few months back, she fell in love with the brick path quilt I was making. She loved the simple pattern, and since she lives in frigid NYC, I offered to make her a quilt to bundle up in on those cold winter nights. I told her to consider it a thank you for putting up with me for so many years ;)

I let her rummage through my giant cabinet o' fabric, and she came out with a set of Modern Meadow fabrics I got from Fabricworm awhile back. I thought the Anna Maria Horner voile would be perfect for the back because it's ridiculously soft and perfect for snuggling under while watching a movie. For the binding I'll be using Honeycomb in Sunglow because the I think the pattern will work well for bias binding.

Here's hoping I feel better in the next few days so I can get to work on this. She'll be moving into a new place soon and I'd like to send it to her as an "apartmentwarming" gift.


Hope you're feeling well soon!

I love that you're making the quilt to thank your friend for putting up with you. lol. That's so something I'd do. She picked some fabulous fabric too! I can't wait to see the finished quilt. :)

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