July 16, 2010

Thank you, fabric.com

...for letting me use coupons on sale items. Your items are already marked 30% off...and what's that you say? Why yes fabric.com, I would like to take another 20% off of that price. Oh, and I'll also take the free shipping...and have it waiting on my doorstep for me when I come home from work 2 days later.

I have quite a few "commissioned" projects for paying customers due in the Fall (aka my friends at work want me to make birthday/holiday presents), so I thought I'd go ahead and order fabric for them while the gettin' was good.


(L to R): Modern Meadows Honeycomb in Grass, Weekends Go By Bike in Violet, Weekends Hopscotch in Lime, Weekends Lollies in Grass, Weekends Hopscotch in Butter

(T to B): Castle Peeps Flourishes in Lime, Castle Peeps Towers Stripe in Lime, Castle Peeps Town Peeps in Lilac

(L to R): Good Folks Fortune in Sea, Good Folks Festival in Plum

Confections Frozen Treats in Pastel


man, I somehow missed the Castle Peeps when I was buying from that (awesome!) sale...

great choices!

So jealous! Love that Confections Frozen Treats!

I meant to bring my Castle Peeps to share last night, I got the full line in fat quarters.

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