August 10, 2010

Anthro Love

Have I ever mentioned before that I'm completely obsessed with the store Anthropologie?

I had my first run-in with Anthro when I lived in Philadelphia for an internship in college, and the flagship store was 4 FLOORS!!! The entire top floor was nothing but racks and racks of clearance items. GLORIOUS. Anthro and I had a brief separation, and then I got married and moved to Chicago in 2006...and our apartment was 4 blocks from an Anthropologie. Dangerous. I repeat, very dangerous. Now we're in New Orleans, and the closest Anthro is a tiny little store in Baton Rouge...I make it over there occasionally, but not enough for my liking.

But pretty soon, we'll have a store in New Orleans!!! And the employees shall know me as "that lady who comes in all the time and power walks to the clearance room". I got this invitation in the mail today - how precious are all the little New Orleans icons on the back?! And the texture of the paper is amazing. I wish there was a way you could feel it through the computer.

I've already RSVP'd and penciled it in on my calendar ;)


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