August 16, 2010

Blocks Galore

I didn't do much sewing last week, but I was most definitely a busy bee this weekend. We had a Weekend Sew on Saturday from 10-2 at the newest quilt shop in town (The Quilted Owl), and while they focus more on traditional/reproduction fabrics, they had the most adorable mini Scottie quilt kit. I shall make it, let Whiskers MacTavish sniff it (but not for too long or he'll try to snatch it from my hands and chew it in a dark corner), and then hang it on my wall to be "awwww-ed" over by everyone. Who doesn't love Scottie patterned things?

Only three people (including myself) were able to make blocks for Rainbow Around the Block at our Sew this Saturday, but my mother-in-law came by to offer moral support (and crack jokes) and we had a great time! How could we not have a fabulous afternoon when Oh Fransson! sent me a giant box of scraps for us to use, the owners of The Quilted Owl bought all three of us lunch, and we had one of those wandering conversations that starts somewhere good but ends up being irrevent and hilarious and involves bathing children in Coca-Cola (don't ask). In my opinion, it doesn't get much better than that!

Below are some pictures of everyone's blocks from Saturday. I think I'm going to make a few more with Oh Fransson's scraps before I mail these in, because I feel bad that the 3 of us were only able to use a tiny fraction of her giant stack of scraps. I wanted to win that fabric for the sole purpose of making blocks for Rainbow Around the Block, but our mighty army of three barely put a dent in it! My goal is to make at least 5 more. I think if I use a simple pattern it should be fairly easy ;)

Our Guild's Blocks!

My Blocks
(I copy-catted Angela's design for the 2nd one because it was presh!)

Angela's Blocks (blog)

Karen's Blocks (blog)

And finally we have a photo of my newest 3x6 Bee block! One of my swapmates (Ms. lnwcohen) asked for an aqua + orange + white block, so here you have it! This block pattern is rather meticulous, so I've only gotten two done so far (see the first one here). I don't mind the time-consumingness though because they're so friggin' cute, use a ton of my scraps, and are really fun to put together. My goal is to finish the remaining 4 and throw them in the mail by the end of August.


OMG! Totally forgot about the bathing children in coca cola comments! Insert Karen "and then I lick them!" I'm cracking up just thinking about it. I wish I had time to help you make more blocks for the charity but I'm swamped right now!

Man, I wish I had been there!!! I thought of y'all on Saturday. I'd love to come pick up some scraps and sew some blocks to turn in. It would be cool if we could all get enough blocks to make an entire quilt. :)

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