August 9, 2010

DQS9 - almost finished with the top!

I machine quilted the umbrella & puddle, but decided to hand-stitch the little girl. It just felt right. I thought it would make her stand out a little bit, and I think the crude stitches somehow add to the childishness. Plus they kind of remind me of the dashed lines you have to practice handwriting on in elementary school (with a huge wooden pencil!) And I didn't notice this until afterward, but it mirrors the Flea Market Fancy Seed fabric because it has small white dashed lines in the background. Bonus!

I'm still trying to figure out what to do with the clouds. When I posted my last photos in the DQS9 group on Flickr, someone suggested light gray clouds. I like the idea, but I'm not wild about the fabric options I found. There wasn't a whole lot available, and I feel like the one I chose is a little too geometric and not "windy" enough. On the other hand, I'm not sure how well the swirly blue print fits in with the other colors. Plus I still have to add the leaf bits floating around in the wind gusts. Maybe that will pull things together a little bit *crosses fingers*

I did a mashup of the two versions (blue vs. gray) on Big Huge Labs for comparison purposes...any input would be appreciated!!!


I hope I'm not weighing in too late here...I think they both look great (this quilt is just stunning!), but I'm feeling the gray more than the blue. It just looks more like wind, plus it fits with the gray clouds, and makes the umbrella/boots/jacket brights pop a bit more.

Whichever you choose--the recipient (could it possibly be me? :) ) will love it!

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