August 18, 2010

Fabric Rampage Part Deux

Behold the fruits of my spending :)

Little Folks Voiles
Our local quilt shop Mes Amis had a killer sale this past weekend. When you went up to the checkout counter, Denise had you crank a little bingo wheel and a ball would roll out with a percentage written on it, and that was your discount! Such a cute idea! Thankfully I rolled 35% off because I had about 9 yards of fabric.

Nicey Jane fabrics
(also from the Mes Amis sale)

Aforementioned Scottie Quilt Kit
This is what my finished wall quilt will look like.

Scottie Quilt Kit
And these are the fabrics that came with it. I love that one of the prints actually has Scotties on it. So I'll have one little Scottie made out of Scotties :)

Boo to You! prints
This will be the first year we have a real dining table during Halloween, so I bought several yards from to make a reversable table runner & placemats.

Robert Kaufman Christmas Prints
I bought these from ThreeRiversFabric on Etsy since I accidentally ordered two of them (the Trees and Multi Dots) in flannel instead of quilting cotton a few weeks ago. Oops.


Cute finds!! I love Nicey Jane, and 35% off is AWESOME!

Does she have Little Folks now? Man, I was seriously ticked that I missed our Quilting day + the sale at Mes Amis! GRRRR!

Denise has the ones pictured above plus this she only has 5 prints total, but it's better than nothing!

Most of those are ones I need! Well, I can see that I'll be doing a bit of shopping at our next meeting.....

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