August 12, 2010

Finished Top and Backing for DQS9

I'm almost there! The quilt top and back are finished and ready to be assembled. I'm thinking about binding it with this. The back is just a strip of off-center hexies on some Kona Grass Green (the inspiration for the grass green came from emedoodle's quilt).

When I put it to a vote, it was pretty much a draw between the blue vs. gray wind I decided to try something crazy. I layered the blue on top of the gray, and I think it gives the gusts a little more depth and sense of motion...or maybe it just looks like I'm a crazy bag lady that sews together mismatched pieces of fabric. Either way, I'm happy (and hopefully my swap partner will be happy!)

When I was putting everything away and smoothing my pieces down on the table, the quilt top was lying on the backing and it looked like there was green sashing around it (the back piece is a little larger than the front right now). I really liked how it looked, so I may add some thin green sashing to frame the quilt top. Other than that, I'm done and ready to start quilting it all together!

It's hard to see all the little details in the photos above, so below are a few close-up shots.


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