August 2, 2010

First 3x6 Bee Block

I came home from work today and finished the 3x6 Bee block for wooly mama! I'll be mailing all three blocks to her first thing tomorrow morning ;)

For those of you that have no idea what the 3x6 Bee is, here's a brief rundown. You have three months to make 1 block each for 6 different people (hence the name...3 months x 6 blocks). They get to pick the colors, but you get to pick the block design (all 6 blocks will have the same design). wooly mama picked "rainbow colors + white", and I was actually more apprehensive about her colors than anyone else's...not because I have anything against rainbow colors (I actually love them), but because I was afraid it would look like a chaotic smattering of colors rather than a cohesive rainbow. Now that I've tackled this one successfully (well, at least I think it was successful...I don't know about the rest of you!), the other five should be a piece of cake! Most people picked two or three coordinating colors like blue + orange + white, blue + green, etc.

Oh, and before I get lost in my ramblings, this block was made using the Bedtime Story pattern from the first issue of Fat Quarterly. (FYI - if you haven't purchased it, I highly recommend it!)You're supposed to square off the corners as much as possible in order to get a round rose shape, but since I was going to sash it in white, I thought I'd let sleeping corners lie and see what happened.

I tried to group the colors as much as I could...first yellow and green, then orange and red, then blue and pink, then purple. I used purple on the outside because all my purple prints had white in them, and I thought they'd blend in best with the white border.


Beautiful! I'm also in the 3x6 bee and agree with you that the rainbow/surprise me color schemes are the most challenging. Still rolling a few ideas around in my head...I'd like to nail down my design this week and then make one a week until the deadline (I think that works out...might need to do two the last week?)...

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