August 30, 2010

Giveaway starts tomorrow!

I told you to expect something on Tuesday, so check back tomorrow afternoon for the official start of my giveaway! More details will follow, but these are the prints I'll be giving away (plus the mystery item made by yours truly ::wink::)

I hope you're excited...because I am (see excited face below)!

3 comments:'s tomorrow...where's the giveaway signups!!! I want you to do a mosaic with my happy face with these fabrics when I win them ;)

patience, my love, patience.

or we could always insert a video of you and Caitlin doing a victory "happy dance". She could roll around on the fabric like it's a pile of money on the floor...hahaha!

oh I like that idea even better! We'll do a victory dance for you! Maybe I'll even roll around on the fabric too. ;)

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