August 25, 2010

I Nearly Shredded the Box with my Teeth

Guess what came in the mail today? Lemme break it down for you like a fraction.

I walk in the door. Ray is already home, and there is a package lying here (see red arrow).

  • Note: Everyone like my husband's dirty work pants and the Star Wars sheet in the background? Good. On we go.

Figure 1.1
Box Spotted Here

I stared at it for a while, because I was like #1...I'm not expecting any packages and's definitely not one of my orders, because it's packaged in a gift box and usually my mom sends me packages wrapped in old department store gift boxes. I walk over, see foreign handwriting, and the light bulb goes on. I promptly shred box (that's why you get nothing but the red arrow above, because the box was dead and gone by the time I decided to take pictures).

Figure 1.2
Box Carcass

Quilt was unceremoniously clawed from the box, and blood contents were spilled. It was lovingly petted for a while, and then the pictures below were taken.
  • Note: Susan even included two poles so I could hang it either for the short side, one for the long side! Isn't she awesome. I'm thinking she must be a teacher because she thinks of everything.
Figure 1.3
Quilt Front

Figure 1.4
Quilt Back (with pole demonstration)

Figure 1.5
Quilt Label
(looks like your secret identity is not so secret anymore...SUSAN!)

Figure 1.6
World's Most Adorable Draw String Pouch
(Scientific Fact)
  • Note: She even put my initials on the drawstring! I'm now officially convinced she's a teacher. Probably elementary school.

Figure 1.7
Contents of World's Most Adorable Draw String Pouch
  • Note: Dog also tried to enjoy contents of World's Most Adorable Pouch (see Exhibit A) while my back was turned writing this blog entry. Dog's evil plan was foiled.
Exhibit A.

And to top it all off, she even made the card, envelope and all. I'm borderline sickened by the talent she possesses...thinking of starting an angry DQS9 mob with torches to go steal her crafty powers.

Figure 1.8
Handmade Card

I will be able to justify said mob to the police afterward, because I'm pretty sure she drove down from Virginia and broke into my house, because how else could she have made a quilt that almost exactly matches a photo collage my husband made?

Figure 1.9
EvidenceHope everyone enjoys the reflection of me in the glass. Yes I'm still wearing my work dress and pearls. I hope that makes the image of me clawing open a box like a wolverine that much more entertaining in your head.

You made the sun shine brighter and the birds sing happier today!



Oh how fun! I wish my partner would get her's already! It is so hard waiting :)

hehe That is one of the more entertaingin blog posts I have read in awhile!

What a great match for your photo! Beautiful gifts, dogs are always so quick, you never see them do it!

wow Kaelin it really does match that picture well! That's amazing. You are the most amusing blog writer as usual.

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