August 17, 2010

More Bees Please

I now have 3 out of 6 blocks finished, and I had a fabulous time doing it! I came home to my spotless apartment (my husband surprised me and cleaned the whole place from head to toe...he even scrubbed the inside of the microwave! Do I have a catch or what?!), put in The Mummy, grabbed a glass of Crystal Light lemonade, and merrily sewed away at my dining table. It didn't hurt that I got to use lots of fun colors and happy little prints in this block ;)

3x6 Bee block for janesfabrics
(requested pink, orange, and a splash of green)

There are all kinds of whimsical bits I love about this block, but probably my favorite little surprise is the "Lightning Bugs & Other Mysteries" selvage (picture below). It was a spur of the moment decision and I hope janesfabrics is on "Team Selvage"! I was worried about using this block pattern in general because I can be a bit more eccentric than your average bear when it comes to colors and shapes...and I know adding irregular things like a selvage isn't everyone's cup of tea. I browsed around in her 3x6 Gallery and generally snooped around on her Flickr page for quite a while, so I think she'll like it. I know she'll definitely like the fussy cut bike because she Favorited a few bike blocks, plus I think someone in our group has already used this fabric for her.

I really can't wait to finish my other three blocks...I think the part I'm looking forward to most is picking out more whimsical center fabrics! Woo hoo!


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