August 30, 2010

More Rainbow Around the Block

I felt bad that we weren't able to use more of Oh Fransson's scraps when we got together for the charity sew , since that was my express desire for winning them. I've been so busy lately with work, finishing up the DQS9, and various other bees and swaps, that I haven't had time to put these together. But my husband got some last-minute Saints tickets and went to the game with his brother Friday night, so I put my nose to the grindstone and took advantage of several hours of unadulterated sewing time! Me, Whiskers, my sewing machine, and J.J. Abrams' Star Trek had a party, and here are the fruits of my labor:

Three New Blocks
(I had to throw in the Tula Pink fleur de lis block to represent New Orleans...woot woot!)

All of My Blocks

All of the NOLA Modern Quilt Guild Blocks

So there you have it! Our guild thought it was important to do our small part and contribute to Rainbow Around the Block since the entire country rose up to help New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Flood vics gotta stick together ;)
But on a serious note (and I'm rarely's not in my nature), there was something special about mailing these blocks off to Anna Maria's flood relief effort the weekend that marked the 5 year anniversary of Katrina. The city is really roaring back to life, and the Saints Super Bowl win definitely help reinvigorate the city and boost morale ;)...but there are still so many deep scars. My husband and I moved here shortly after Katrina because we wanted to help the people down here and minister to them. Sometimes that means doing a lot of listening. I've found that for most people, all they want is someone who will listen to their story and care. I can't tell you how many cashiers, sale clerks, random ladies in the grocery store, and fellow elevator riders I've listened to. I stood in the middle of Dillard's one day and cried with a lady in the men's department as she told me what she endured in the aftermath of Katrina...and how many people she lost. Despite what you may see in the media, the people of New Orleans are good. They are kind. Generous. Accepting. Devoted. Friendly. Loving. Strong. I'm proud to call New Orleans my adopted home, and New Orleans is proud to welcome me and anyone else with open arms.
New Orleans wants to know the world still cares, and I'm sure Nashville does too. Let's show them we do :)


it's awesome that you and your guild are doing this, the blocks look amazing too! our toronto MQG are just starting our first charity quilt project, we are all going to make 2 blocks each this month for a quilt that's going to a local children's charity.

I was going to ask what you did with your sewing time that night!

and by the way you will be the "perfect"! pastor's wife. And don't let anyone tell you differently!

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