August 31, 2010

The Plaid Scottie Presents: The 1st Official Giveaway!

*This giveaway is now closed*

As you can see, my model was sleeping on the job. But isn't he cute??? I hope nobody's allergic to him, because you'll probably explode into hives when you get this in the mail...oops! But I digress...the purpose of this post is to announce that...


All my goodies are now in one place, and I hope you like them! Can I just say that I really, really enjoy giving things to people? I'm probably as excited to give these away as you are to win them! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :)

But on to the good stuff! The winner will receive BOTH items. Up for grabs is:

Item #1: 1/2 yard bundle of 7 different Modern Meadow prints (3 1/2 yards total!!! Are you excited yet???)

Prints included are: Flower Fields in Grass, Dogwood Bloom in Pink, Hand Picked Daisies in Pink, Herringbone in Berry, Picnic Plaid in Berry, Acorn Chain in Berry, Sunflower in Berry. To see bigger pictures of all the prints included, click here!

Item #2: Far Far Away 2 box pouch in my favorite print!!!

It's lined with some Orange Freckle fabric from Freespirit, and it's about 6" long, 3.5" wide, and 2.5" tall. I've made a couple of these zipper pouches for myself, and they're great for storing makeup or sewing accessories (I like to use mine for when I do hand sewing/on-the-go quilting like hexies or binding). And it's the perfect size for all your airplane-friendly 2 oz. bottles!

So here's the rub. In order to enter the giveaway (up to four times!), here's what you can do:
  1. Leave a comment telling me your favorite thing about quilting. (i.e. Mine is that moment when I hand someone a quilt I've made just for them. It's one of the most special feelings in the world! ...I told you I like giving people gifts!) What is it for you? Is it leaving "life" stress behind and getting lost in the precision of the task? Drafting ideas? Quilting the layers together? (sicko!) Buying fabric? Feeling it? Nuzzling it against your face? (oops...too much!)

  2. Become a Follower and leave me a comment. If you're already a Follower, leave a comment saying so.

  3. Blog about my giveaway and leave a comment.

  4. (This is another fun one!) Leave a comment with a link to your favorite project you've ever made. I want to see everyone's beautiful work and dream about my fabric going to a good home and being made into something lovely!
I will announce the winner a week from today! (Tuesday, Sept 7th)
This is open to Internationals, by the way!



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I just love creating combinations of fun fabrics. So many little time. :)

I also follow your blog on Google Reader. :)

Can I talk about a project in progress as my favorite? This Amy Butler quilt I made is spectacular. I love her fabrics!

Ok I will play, I could use some modern meadow :)
My favorite thing about quilting is the fabric!!

My favorite thing I ever made ....oh you mean quilting!

Dont really have a favorite thing yet. Maybe this or this or this I like em all or I wouldnt have made em I guess :)

Thanks for the lovely giveaway! y favorite part about quilting is figuring out the "puzzle." How I want it to look and how I'm going to accomplish it.

My favorite project so far has been this peacok quiltie:

My fav thing about quilting is that it lets me take the things I always have loved about crafts and put them into a usable medium. I used to doodle through classes in school - that's like the quilting. I'd use different colors - that's like all those beautiful fabrics. I did scrapbooking - quilts tell a story. I love it all. And most of all I get to use the quilts over and over and over (rather than just storing my doodles away). Oooh. And the quilting doesn't come undone in the ways that I always have to re-do housework!

I think my favorite thing about quilting is the act of creating something that will be used and loved by someone - whether that's me or someone else. I also love buying fabric though :)

My fav project I've ever made... probably my quilt for DQS9... here's a link to the photo set on flickr.
I love working with grey and bright colors. I loved making it for someone else, yet it was really hard to part with. This quilt challenged me to learn and grow!

I follow your blog in my google reader!

Once again you win the prize for most hysterical blogger ever. I'm so tempted to say my favorite part of quilting is quilting the layers together just to be ornery! But honestly I think my favorite part is when I start to see the light at the end of the tunnel with a project. It's not done yet, but I can see how it's going to look! And hopefully I'm happy about that. It can also be my least favorite time too!

I think my favorite project is a baby quilt I made for a dear friend's new baby. It was fun to make and I love the colors. You can see it here:

For some unknown reason I was not an official follower...that's why I have to keep coming and finding you. But never fear...I'll be keeping track of you from now on. You always make me laugh!

My Fav thing about quilting is the sense of accomplishment I get when I finally finish something! LOL!

Well it's at the top of my head right I think my current favorite project is my Doll Quilt for swap #9. But that may just be because I'm done with it! LOL.

My favourite things about quilting are when I'm layout out my quilt top pieces (does this piece look good here? oh, let's switch these two!) & having it all pieced together (so satisfying!). My problem is I get all smug & then conveniently forget to quilt it for a few months. oops! :)
psst.. I'm also a big fabric nuzzler. my bf thinks I'm nuts!

I've told the world that reads my blog about your giveaway! I better win that fabric!!! You know my obsession with this line. And you are the only one who has given me any!

My absolute favorite thing about quilting is pulling the finished quilt out of the dryer after its first wash - I love how the batting shrinks up and makes everything come together so nicely.

I just started following you (via Google Reader) as well. :)

My favorite thing about quilting all of it! Really, I love the whole process for different reasons. Piecing allows me to turn off my brain, quilting allows me to doodle, and binding makes me feel productive in front of the TV. :) I hate the cutting part though. ugh.

I'm a follower! Well, at least of your blog. :)

OK, and I'm blogging (in just a minute) about your fabulous give away.

My favorite project so far has been this Munki Munki quilt.

She still needs to be quilted though... :)

My favorite thing about quilting is finishing the binding. Ooh, and then taking it out of the dryer for the first time. Also! Fabric petting. 3 things!

I have subscribed to you on Google Reader.

There's no way I can quantify any one thing being my favorite! I love the whole process, except for cutting - don't like that at all cuz that's where I make the most mistakes!

I have lots of favorite things I've made, but right now this is my favorite:

Because it's all mine and no one else in the house uses it, so it's special just for me :) And it pretties up the living room.

I am now following you and glad of it!

My favorite thing is pulling the quilt out of the dryer...perfect!

this is my favorite quilt:

I love fun giveaways! My favorite part of quilting is hand sewing the binding while snuggled on the couch under it and anticipating washing it to find out it's final, final look.

I'm a follower via google reader!

Well I think it is when I finish piecing the top...I know I have more to do but it is something about having all those pieces together as planned!

My favorite quilt project to date:

This is my favorite and I just recently finished it!

What a fun giveaway! Thanks for your generosity. I've been collecting Modern Meadow because I LOVE it, and I'd just love to have some more!

My favorite part of the quilting process is taking the finished quilt out of the dryer! I love when it's done and you can enjoy the fruit of all your hard labor - take pictures of it, snuggle under it, or give it to someone special.

I just became a follower.

My most recent finished project that I love is the doll quilt I made for DQS9:

My current project is the Heather Ross Munki Munki Jungle Book quilt I am making for my unborn daughter (due 12/24), but I don't have photos yet.

I love the actual quilting part of quilting, stippling the quilt is great for some peaceful meditative work.

I am very new to quilting and I've only made mini doll quilts. Of course there will come more, in adult size :) The most fun part {and most difficult} was to let them go.
I also love the creating and learning process, don't forget playing fun, i.e. with HSTs! Plus I llllove the binding part!
Thank you for the great giveaway and a chance to win!
Take care,

The visuals of the colorful fabric, seeing the quilt design come together, etc. as well as the rhythm of sewing all make quilting relaxing and therapeutic for me.

I don't have a blog, but here's a link to my first major project, which is almost done!

I love to stack all the fabric for a project and admire it for a while. It's just so pretty! Yeah, I know, I have a sickness. At least my Flickr/blog peeps share the same illness! :) Thanks for the giveaway!

My favorite thing is when I start planning a project--I sketch it out, pick out fabrics, change out fabrics, think about it--it's like planning art and making a puzzle all at once!

I love choosing the right fabric to go with the right pattern and laying everything out to admire before I start cutting! So fun.

I am a follower! BTW, your four-legged is a cutie--my border collie keeps me company while quilting and does his job of putting at least a hair or two into every project! :)

My favorite project I completed is my Bricks and Stones quilt using all Hope Valley fabric:

I mentioned your giveaway on my blog:

My current favorite project is my doll quilt swap quilt. I need to take some updated pics of the top but here it is in progress.

Binding - I just love sewing the binding - it's my favourite part

I don't have a blog but one of my favourite projects was the girl on a swing at

My favorite thing about quilting is seeing someone curled up in one of my quilts. It's like the warmth they're getting from my quilt comes straight back to my soul!

I am now a follower :)

I am going to be quilting for the first time for the mug rug swap, so that will be my favourite LOL

And this was my favourite project

My favorite part is watching my toddler daughter and my husband enjoy what I've made. Even if it's going to another home, it's good to be appreciated in my home for what I do.

My favorite quilt ever made - because it's my first quilt!

Aaaack - lovely fabrics!!!
(Can you imagine I LOVE fabrics????)
I love - having an idea, a new project to start - looking at my fabrics ... and the to choose the perefct ones for this project (at least I try) - and when it´s finished to see that the choice was good ... it´s like "haha - didn´t I say, I can do that??"
And I love the feeling of wrapping in cozily in a handmade quilt....

Well, love all of the quilting experience, but especially love the last thing I have made, so that changes all the time.

This was my favourite project: because I have made it for ME:
It started not as a bag (that´s something I like too) it started just as a sewing together leftovers ... and then the idea came and developed ... I use it almost every day:)

For some reason I can not seem to become a follower at the moment, Google seems to be playing up, so I will have to come back tomorrow try again.

is it wrong that shopping is my favorite part of quilting?

The pics you post above should answer why.

Dreaming up new designs (that I can shop for) is another favorite part. :)

I only follow blogs I like.... and I'm a new follower! :)

Thanks for an awesome giveaway! Great fabric and I LOVE the box pouch (my fave FFA2 print, too!). My favorite part about quilting is when I'm sewing and see progress, seeing my ideas, effort, and fabric all coming together (usually near completion). My second favorite part is giving it to someone who really appreciates it (I still like giving it, but it's extra fun when they LOVE it!).

I think this is my fave finished item I admit that I have to pet it sometimes. That gauze is so soft! :)

My favorite thing about quilting is the amazing combination of creativity and organization. It is me in a nut shell.

oooo i love that pouch kaelin, great job! and such a pretty stack of fabric! oh, and the puppy can just go home with me right now! hmmm, my favourite thing about quilt... i like that it's just a me time, and allows me to be creative, and of course, go fabric shopping often.

i follow your blog (one of the original 10, yay!).

i posted the giveaway on my blog under fabrics fabrics!

this is my favourite quilt so far:

but this is by far my favourite project!

Quilting makes me feel peaceful and like I am in another world. It's wonderful when I have a very active, noisy 3yo and 1yo to deal with all day.

very happy to follow your lovely blog

My favorite thing about quilting is pulling the fabrics and picking and choosing them 20 times until I (hopefully) have them just right!

Thanks for the chance to win your fabrics and your cute little dog doesn't scare me!

I'm also a follower, as of about 3 seconds ago! lol

My favourite thing about quilting is coming up with the plan and picking the fabrics to go with the design.

This is my all time favourite quilt. It was so fun to make and I am so happy with the outcome!

I think my favorite thing about quilting is giving the quilt to someone too. Must be why I don't have a quilt finished for myself.

Your dog is so cute! And I adore the name of your blog. Thanks for the chance to win. Oh... my favourite thing about quilting is making the first test is so exciting to see everything come together.

my favorite thing I've made is this or this i would havenever thought I would love doing "cute" so much! Neither of these is in my possession.

My favorite thing about quilting is playing with a design and the moment when inspiration hits--the other night it was 3AM.

I love the whole creative process from designing the quilt picking out the fabric and seeing the look on the face of the person I give it to. I just love it. Thanks for the chance to win such a wonderful prize.

my favorite part about quilts is the feeling of one during those warm summer nights when its too hot for a heavy comforter but perfect with a nice cool quilt. its like a favorite comfort food.

My favorite things about quilting are the moment when the basting's over and I start the hand-quilting, and when I finish and my son says, "Let's crawl under it and pretend it's a house" ;)

I'm a follower! Thanks for the giveaway, I love the bag especially.

i cant seem to become a follower using the button so i subscribed to your blog via google reader. ill try to come back and follow later.

and my favorite project that i have yet to finish is comfortstitching's girl on swing mini quilt. its just so lovely!

(sorry i forgot to post the link for it

I posted about your giveaway here:

...and my favorite project to date is this quilt which I made for my son:

Great giveaway! I love the creativity of patchwork- the whole darn process!

The prettiest scrap quilt I ever made is on flickr

Haven't got around to blogging about it cos I made this YEARS ago!
Suz xx

I love the designing and picking out of fabrics for a quilt.
Thanks for the chance!

My favorite thing about quilting is drawing up pattern ideas and then bringing them to life!
Thanks for the great giveaway!
Ashley / StarSparrow

Oh, and here's my favorite thing I've made (in recent memory, at least):
It's in the middle of the post, the cool retrofitted suitcase-turned-booth-display.
I love it because it's so darn versatile! And it makes the things I make look snazzy!
Ashley / StarSparrow

My favourite bit about quilting... hmm, I think I will have to give you a list! I love planning a quilt and dreaming about it before I go to sleep at night; I love when I can see it coming together, with the blocks pinned up on my wall; I love the hand quilting which is so soothing and meditative; and I love to give the quilt away to someone I love and see their happy face!

here is a link to a great cot quilt a made last year which I like a lot because it is so different from the other quilts I have made and was so fun to do! I hope you enjoy it -

Hi! Thanks for offering the contest. I'm pretty new to quilting, but my favorite thing about it so far is hunting for fabric. I love picking the perfect prints and then combining them in a million different ways. :)

My favorite quilt is the first one I made.

Hi, again! I just blogged about your contest here:

Awesome Giveaway! My current favorite part of quiltmaking is the planning stage--choosing quilt design & picking fabrics.

@Eily - whatever! you're a follower of my cult now! BWAhaha! *rubs fingertips together*

coincidentally, my husband calls the MQG my "quilt cult"...i.e. "oh, are you heading out to your quilt cult meeting?"

Great giveaway! My fav part of quilting is definitely the planning stage ... picking out a pattern, choosing fabrics, shopping for fabrics ;]

Thanks for the chance to win!

This little zig zag quilt is my favorite thing I've made ... it was easy, it's bright and colorful, and I love seeing my boys use it almost every single day!

My favorite moment in quilting, though there are many, is when that first block comes together just right. It gives me the push to keep moving on a project.

My favorite finish to date is a blue and green coins quilt I made for a friend's daughter's wedding back in January of this year. You can see it over here:

My favorite thing about quilting is the satisfaction that comes from having something homemade, plus the creative process.


I'm a follower :)


I love everything about quilting! If I have to pick I would say planning the project...picking fabric, pattern, etc.

here's my favorite project so far...

i've only quilted coasters, i like the feel of thickness and it's relaxing.
songyueyu at gmail

i made this zipper pouch recently with some appliques, it's very fun.

I work on scrap quilts, so I love hunting around for bits and pieces to incorporate. I have less than a yard of any one fabric at any given time, so it really forces me to think outside the box in terms of coordinating colors/patterns/etc. Thanks for the giveaway!

I love that my quilty creations are loved by friends and family. That's the best part for me.

Is the dissappearing 9 patch I made for my daughter.

I love starting a new project! Picking the fabric, petting the fabric, choosing a design, cutting the fabric.... I like this a lot! In fact, this would explain why I have so much fabric and so many planned or half-started projects..... I need to work on loving the finishing of a quilt! :)

Thanks for the chance to enter!

And I already follow you. :)

I love that little pouch- looks lovely in FFA2! Great fabric too x

I follow and look at the others following now!

Oh goodness, I just love creating and quilting is one way to do that AND combine my love of sewing. I guess that's what I love about it. This quilt would have to be my favorite quilt so far.

My favorite part of quilting is two things. Picking the fabric out and putting things together and then the second is the finished quilt. I love handstitching the binding too.

I like making things for other people too, so I think my favourite thing is picturing something they would like and the joy they will get from when it is done.

I follow you in google reader!

I blogged

I think this is my most recent favourite, I just love the brid fabric on the inside and it came together so neatly. A great pattern!

My favorite part(s) are figuring out the design and then picking the fabrics.

Lovely lovely fabrics!! That pouch is absolutely delicious. My favorite thing about quilting is simply watching my design/concept come to life. I also really love finishing a quilt, phew!

my favorite thing is sewing and the end of it: the beautiful result!
this giveaway is so great!
thanks alot for the chance!!!

o! and another unfogettable favorite thing: shopping for fabric!!! love it!!!
im a follower

i blogged about it on my sidebar

one of my favorite things that i made is a wall hang from fabric and felt for my seconed chiled:

Favorite thing ??? You mean just one ??? I actually like the whole process from the purchase (which I try to do regularly:)) to sewing that very last stitch in the binding and taking a deep breath before turning over!!! LOVE it all !!!!!

My favourite thing about quilting is it turns stash fabric into something beautiful and practical that I can enjoy every time I use or see it. Whenever I see fabric I love so much I feel the need to buy it I want to look at it all the while - see how it mixes with other favourite fabrics - what better way is in a nice bit of quilting? I get the same pleasure from using some of that fabric in projects for other people too.

I have lots of favourite projects. I loved making the bag in this picture. It was inspired after I made one for my niece and we used them on our holiday together. They are fully reversible.

I'm also really proud of this project which is still underway. COmpletely hand sewn!

my favorite thing about quilting is picking out the fabrics, I love fabric shopping!

beachcovejewelry@ gmail dot com

I became a follower!

beachcovejewelry@ gmail dot com

Oh goody, I've found a new blog! I think my favorite part of quilting is handsewing the binding. It means that I'm almost done plus I get plenty of time to fondle the quilt.

I love piecing! Unfortunately, that's where most of my quilts stop -- I'm not a big fan of the actual quilting, so I have a pile of tops that need finishing!

I think it's the collecting of fabrics, and sometimes, the sewing of prints together that someone else might not do. I enjoy all the finishes, too!

I'm not sure I can choose just one. I love designing the quilt, the anticipation of the sweet beginning, the choosing of the fabrics and the piecing as it all comes together, ahhhh. So sweet! I love handing it to my LAQ and getting it back all changed up, and like you I love to see the look on the face of the person who receives it.

I love piecing, and I think my favourite thing is to start piecing a new quilt, with all the pieces already cut ... I also love hand-sewing the binding down and finishing up a quilt! Thank you for the giveaway!

I`ve added your blog to my Google Reader - thank you for the great blog!

My favourite thing about quilting is having my children watch me while I am working on a project and thinking that I am so clever for being able to create something. It is really special to feel like a superhero in the eyes of your 5 year old just because you can sew something.

I am a follower, and this is such a generous giveaway! My fingers are crossed!

This was a quilt that I made for my daughter India for her first christmas, it was not that hard or intricate but it was so special for me because I was making it for my new baby, and the colours are just so bright and cheery.

I love the endless supply of amazing quilting fabrics to play with!

heatheranne99 at gmail dot com


heatheranne99 at gmail dot com

This is one of my favorites I've made so far!

heatheranne99 at gmail dot com

i love folding it up when i take it out of the dryer - i always feel so proud! of course, i'm new to this and have only made a handful of quilts!

i posted about this on my blog!

and finally, here's a link to my favorite project - this was my first quilt along!

One of my favourite things about quilting is that sitting in my sewing room and being creative really helps me to clear my head and relax. My space is my own and I call it my "clubhouse" :)

I am also a follower via Google Reader!

My favorite aspect of quilting can be summed up in 5 words:
Fabric does not talk back.

.silence. glorious. silence.

Here is a link to a favorite project. It was included as part of an auction basket & combined my two favorite things--teaching and quilting!

I love being able to give a handmade quilt as a gift, as I have many that I've received as gifts and cherish them dearly. Thank you for this opportunity! :)

It's hard to pick a favorite project, but I do love this Weekender Bag that I made for a friend!

My favorite part of quilting is when I photograph the final product.

I put your giveaway on my sidebar.

I found your Blog through Pat Sloan's Blog.
My favorite quilt is just a small lap quilt that I made for me. I used the Lakehouse hydrangea fabrics in the periwinkle/green colorway. I absolutely love the Lakehouse fabrics, and I am very happy with the way my quilt turned out.

Thank you for the chance to win. I love everything about quilting except the actual quilting part. I am always at a loss for quilting designs.

I became a follower. I have been wanting to make a cosmetic bag with a zipper so I am off to read your tutorial.

Fantastic Give Away!! I love this fabric and your pooch is adorable! Thanks for the chance to win your give away!! Paulette

My favorite thing about fabric is just having it and lots of it. LOL

I can never "see" what the tiny little pieces of fabric will become. So my favorite part of quilting is to see the magnificent creation that these little pieces create! Oh and the way quilts feel once completed. And....

I am now a follower, using Google Reader.

Here is the link to my dinosaur quilt:

I made this for my soon to be 5 year old nephew. I cannot wait to give it to him! It is currently at the quilters.

My favorite part of quilting seeing what happens when you put all those parts together, magical!

I just became a follower, glad I found your blog.

I also just became a follower. I love give aways and do a lot of that myself. The best thing to me about quilting is all of it. I love learning new things and constantly try to do that. I don't know how to add a link, but I'm willing to learn. LOL

Quilting serves as a creative outlet for me. Creative energy must go somewhere or I would go crazy. As a result, I draw quilts, I make quilts, I think about fabric combinations, I wander fabric stores, I study my fabric stash, I browse quilt blogs..........

My favorite thing about quilting is that it keeps me sane!

I love seeing the blocks come together, the colors blending or standing out, the secondary patterns, the quilting on top and the warmth of my creation. But, you are right! The best is seeing the receipiant when the quilt is presented, her/his amazement that she/he was thought of and honored with the quilt. We quilters are so very lucky!
Gayle Grier

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