August 23, 2010

Swappy Swap with the Dana-nator

A while back my friend Dana asked me if I'd make another purse like one she saw on my Flickr page. We arranged a swap, and I think I came out on the better end of the deal ;)

Dana majored in studio art in college and made completely awesome things that I always meant to buy at the bi-annual student art auctions, but always forgot to. Doh! I still kick myself that I didn't get one of the wood block prints she made of a little girl on a pier. *sigh* Anywho, in exchange for a purse, I asked her to make something for the wall behind my dining table because it's white, naked and sad. Last week she emailed me a picture of my future painting...

Meet Monsieur L'oiseau, the little finch that will be "watching me eat my cereal" (as she put it) every morning!

Isn't he precious? He's such a proud little birdie with his chest all puffed out :)

And below is the purse I made in return. I used Amy Butler's Frenchy Bag pattern but made a few modifications because the pocket situation for that purse really stinks. The pockets inside are too big and, well, kinda useless. Plus I always hate not having an easily accessible area for my keys and cell phone since they're the items I pull out most (and always seem to sink to the very bottom). I wanted to make a special pocket for frequently used items, and I really liked the look of this purse, so I created a big pocket panel on the front.

The back is pretty boring, but I thought I'd throw in a picture anyway. Side Note: Don't you just love the Wall Flowers in Apricot? I'm down to just 1 yard and this fabric is next to impossible to find now, so I'm gonna hoard it like a thieving magpie.

And just for good measure...


Great job on the purse, beautiful!

thanks mary! i feel like her fabric does all the work,'s so bold & pretty (and perfect for bags)!

such a pretty purse...and I love the inspiration one too. You're going to have to teach me how to make this.

And you crack me up.."hoard it like a thieving madpie" LOL.

I can't tell you how jealous I am of both of you - Dana for having a Kaelin original and Kaelin for having a Dana original.

P.S. I think we all wanted that wood block of the girl on the pier. Too bad my money went to things like Chicago's breadsticks and alcohol in college, and I couldn't afford Dana's awesome art.

Love the Blog Kaelin! - Hankley

We live with magpies in the yard here in Alaska. They used to purposely tease our golden retriever and get him barking like a maniac. You can't leave the garbage on the porch or in the back of a pick up or they will spread it all over everywhere.

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