September 1, 2010

Bon Voyage Doll Quilt

Do you ever wake up some mornings and just know it's going to be a good day? I woke up this morning and didn't feel tired at all. Usually I hit the snooze at least 5 times and my husband practically has to bang on pans to get me up. But not only did I feel refreshed and happy about the day this morning, but I actually woke up before my husband and walked the dog. I came back in and played on the internet before getting dressed...and joy of all joys!...saw that Anna Maria Horner, my favorite designer in the universe, posted pictures of her new fabric line Innocent Crush!!! Can you believe how gorgeous and versatile it is?!

But then, best of all, I realized my doll quilt would be delivered to my secret partner today! I just knew it was going to be a good day ;)

I finished my doll quilt a little over a week ago, but waited to mail it off until I could finish getting the rest of my "extras" together. I sent it Priority on Monday, so it should arrive on her doorstep sometime this afternoon. I'm 100% sure she doesn't read my blog and it's arriving today anyway, so I feel safe posting pictures of "the goods".

This is everything that went into her package:

And here's a closeup of all the little goodies:

I made her one of my little box pouches out of Modern Meadow because she listed that as one of her favorite fabric lines (and I have tons of it...obviously!). I figured I couldn't go wrong with a zipper pouch because she's a mom and mom's can never have enough storage bags! All the little items you see out to the side were lovingly zipped inside before I packed up her box. I found those adorable little needle threaders at Joann's, and then I thought it would be cute to get some strawberry buttons to match the little red strawberry needle threader...and the butterfly straight pins don't really fit in with anything else, but I thought they were cute and tossed them in my cart.

The book is one that I picked up at Barnes & Noble, and I highly recommend it! It's called the Directory of Quilting Techniques by Caroline Rodrigues and I bought about a million of them to use as stocking stuffers when it was marked down online to $5 a couple weeks ago. It's a reference book for quilters and includes just about every common pattern, stitch, and applique technique known to man. It's not incredibly detailed, but it's nice to use as a quick reference when you're sewing and either a) forget how to do something and need a refresher or b) don't know how to do something at all and don't quite feel like trolling the web looking for a tutorial.

Silly rabbit that I am, I almost forgot to make a label for my quilt. Honestly. I didn't remember until Sunday night around 9 pm! So I whipped out some printable fabric and put this little guy together. Don't judge my stitches because it was late and I was in a hurry ( least that's the excuse I'm giving myself as I sit here - horrified - looking at this giant, closeup picture of my mangled Tim Burton-esque stitches)!

And now that I think about it, I don't think I've ever fully explained my DQS9 quilt title. Obviously part of the name comes from the fact that the little girl decides to stop caring whether she gets wet or not and "embraces the horror" by jumping into a giant puddle like an Amazon woman. But I actually got the phrase from my mother-in-law because she says it to me all the time! Whenever something crazy and uncontrollable happens, my MIL will look at me, laugh, throw her hands out, and say "embrace the horror Kaelin". Like when the whole family is together and my scottie, their chihuahua, and my brother-in-law's Jack Russell puppy are running around the house like a fur tornado...Ray and Terry are playing Halo at a volume of 73...and my father-in-law is in the background yelling because he spilled Diet Coke all over the mother-in-law will look over at me, chuckle, and calmly say "just embrace the horror Kaelin...just embrace it".

Lastly, here's my quilt all snuggled in it's box and ready to go. I wrote her a long note (the entire back side is covered as well) explaining where I got the idea, plus a few other little things I wanted to tell her. It was a little sad mailing it off, but the thought of it maybe hanging in her little girl's room someday made me happy again. Hopefully her family enjoys it :)


your partner can thank her lucky stars that she got you as her swap partner!! i'm sure she'll love the quilt and the goodies very much!

Everthing is just awesome with this package! The doll quilt tell a great story. Your partner is sure in for a treat!!

You did such an amazing job on your doll quilt! I'm sure your partner will just love it, and you sent so many amazing goodies! I sent mine out yesterday and my partner should receive it tomorrow - I'm excited too! :-)

What a gorgeous package- I love your story note!

such a cute package, and a wonderful quilt, and a great little story! :)

Wahoo!!! This is mine!!!
and it is RIGHT ON!!!
I Laaaa-urve it!!!

K. I am stalking you now. heh heh.

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