September 3, 2010

Fabric Hoarders Anonymous

In case anyone's interested, I just started a new Flickr group called, you guessed it, Fabric Hoarders Anonymous!

If you have a problem with non-stop fabric ordering, hate cutting into your favorite fabrics, or have to fight off the fabric police at every turn (aka spouses), then please join! Together we can beat this! (...or instead just look at pictures and talk about which fabrics we'd like to hunt down next)


I'm late to the fabric "name game" since I only really got interested in quilting and more expensive quilting quality cottons about 6 months ago. I feel like I need to own some of the Small Leaves fabric from the FMF line, so I looked it up on Etsy. Some crazy person on there is offering fat quarters of that fabric for $45.00 each........ I know its out of print and highly sought after, but MAN! Do people pay prices like that? I also saw someone trying to sell a Neptune jelly roll for $86.00........ I thought breaking down and paying ten dollars/yd was tough, but these prices are on a whole-nother level!

i'm pretty much in the same boat as caitlin - found out about these designer fabrics too late and missed out on all the FMF, mendocino, etc. and now can only drool after other people's pictures (like the one kaelin you just posted) and kicking myself for not picking up this addiction sooner!

yeah, i only wish that bundle pictured above were mine. i pulled it from denyse schmidt's website since flea market fancy is like the mythical white unicorn of the quilting hear about it all the time, but no one seems to have any!

and i agree...$45 for a FQ is highway robbery. i'd feel morally wrong paying that much for a tiny piece of fabric..."sorry world hunger, but i needed that $45 for a 18x22 inch piece of fabric"...haha!

I'm in the UK. Fabric stores are few and far between these days and most of us have to shop on line for fabric. It's still really hard to get the designer fabrics over here. So until quite recently my stash - built up over years was pretty traditional. I've seen the OOP fabrics on Etsy at silly prices but for current lines it's cheaper to buy fabric in the US - even with postage prices than it is to purchase the same fabric in the UK online - if you can find it!

I've been playing the fabric game for a couple of years now and I still feel like I'm late to the game. You can't ever go back and get those ones that first made you smile. I had no idea that fabrics would not be reprinted when they are so clearly desirable by so many. I think that the contracts and politics make it impossible, but seriously...flea market fancy would make a lot of money for EVERYONE if they re-released it. I just don't understand why they won't.

And nope...I can't bring myself to pay that much for a scrap of fabric. Every time that I'm even tempted, I just go look at my favorite discount sites and find other fabrics that I also enjoy and can get at a significantly lower price! It helps ease the sting! LOL.

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