September 28, 2010

Lots of sleep later...

I'm fully refreshed and ready to get back on the sewing/quilting/blogging bandwagon! When I came home I found a lovely surprise from verykerryberry in my inbox. Kerry had received the "Versatile Blogger" award from someone else and was supposed to post 7 facts about herself and then pass the award on to 5 other bloggers...and I was very honored to be chosen as one of them! :)

So without further ado...

My five bloggers are...Aneela @ comfortstitching, Nicole @ Making It Lovely, Suzonne @ Urban Comfort, Tong @ tingtongandthings, and Amy @ The Nifty Foodie

My seven facts are...

#1: I was an avid golfer growing up. I played competitively in summer golf tours from age 12 to 18. Everything is amateur at that stage, but I won a couple tournaments and have a pretty sweet collection of trophies. I was never at this level (didn't have the nerves or determination), but many of the people I played with are now on the pro tour and a few of my friends are doing really of my guy friends was actually chosen for the 2008 Ryder Cup team at Valhalla in Louisville. My dad was a Marshall for that tournament and was asked to do it again for the Ryder Cup that's taking place in Wales this week. He and my mom flew out last Thursday...and were totally freaking out about it. As much as they talk about wanting to travel the world, they're pretty set in their ways and paranoid about the "dangers" of going to a foreign country...because as we all know, the U.K. is such a scary, uncivilized place...haha! I'm really happy they finally went to Europe though, because they're the kind of people that save and save and save but never actually use or enjoy their savings. I'm glad they're using their hard-earned money to take a nice vacay and I hope they have a good time, because I'd love to see them travel more! :)

This is me 8 years and 50 pounds ago (look at those flat abs...*deep sigh*)

And this is me with my 2nd place trophy (same tournament...I got 2 photos in the local paper, which was a big deal to me back then...until I moved to my first city and realized I was a microscopic fish in the big world pond...hehe)

#2: I've lived in 5 states in 7 years.

  1. I grew up in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky (Appalachia)
  2. Went to a private college in Indiana for 4 years
  3. Lived in downtown Philadelphia for a semester (6 months) my Junior year of college for an internship with the Weight & Eating Disorders Dept. at the University of Pennsylvania
  4. Got married 2 weeks after my college graduation and moved to downtown Chicago for graduate school. We both went to Moody Bible Institute where my husband started his Masters in Divinity and I worked on my Masters in Intercultural Studies (Missiology/World Religions)
  5. Ray's parents went down to New Orleans with the Red Cross during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. They fell in love with the people of this city and ended up moving down months later. We followed them here in June 2008 and have loved every minute of it :)

#3: This is kind of related to Fact husband and I plan on leaving the country for long-term mission work in Asia sometime in the next 5 years or so. That’s our timeline, but it may change because first we have to finish our Masters programs via long-distance learning. I know I’m delving into a sensitive topic here, but I’d like to take a moment to say that although my husband and I are very committed Christians, we try very hard to be extremely loving people. I’m appalled and disgusted by the way in which some hatemongering Christians behave, and I’d like to say on behalf of our faith that I am deeply sorry if you have ever experienced any kind of gross unkindness at the hands of a Christian. Unfortunately, the behavior of some often ruins the image of all.

#4: I LOVE LOVE LOVE to cook and bake. I secretly wish I had the time, money and energy to cook my way through Mastering the Art of French Cooking like Julie Powell. I looked into going to culinary school for several years, but ultimately decided my life was heading in another direction. I own just about every spice known to man and love trying new foods...especially ones that are difficult but worth the Swiss Meringue Buttercream...mmmm. Since I don’t have kids yet, I have the luxury of time and really enjoy baking fancy treats for people...especially when they’re going through a rough patch. I kind of have the same outlook on baking/cooking as I do with quilting...I feel they’re both ways in which you can show people you care by spending time on them. I enjoy making things from scratch (be it quilting or cooking) because I want the recipient to know I care enough about them to deliberately set aside a large block of my time to make something for them. I’m not saying it’s the only or the best way to express love, it’s just how I'm wired :)

#5: Even though I’m Chubbs McGee right now, I really enjoy running and pace about 10min/mile. I’ve done a 5K and 10K and eventually hope to do a Half or Full Marathon with my hubby. Once I saw someone walking around before a race wearing a tshirt that said on the back “I may be fat and slow but I’m still ahead of you”...I laughed out loud…because that’s totally something I’d wear!

#6: I’m an avid reader. It all started with Nancy parents used to have to come in and yell at me, or else I’d stay up reading all night during the school week. My parents rarely had discipline problems with my sister and I, because all they had to do to placate us was hand us a book. We’d sit and quietly read for hours and hours. In the car. On a plane. While they were doing boring adult things. During church (hehe!). One of my favorite memories from childhood was my mom taking us to a huge, independent book shop in Lexington, Ky on the weekends and alotting each of us $10 for books. Which, at the time, meant we could buy two paperback or one hardback Nancy Drew. I still read at least 15-20 books a year and my husband and I have shelves upon shelves of books.

#7: My favorite movie of all time is Chocolat. If you haven’t seen it, click away from this blog immediately and go watch it. If my husband and I ever have a little girl, I'm gonna fight to name her Vianne (because he's already told me he doesn't like the other name I picked out :( ). And I love that Leslie Caron has a bit part in the film.


Ooo this should be fun! Thanks for tagging me!

Interesting post! I'm leaving the site now to see if Chocolat is on the netflix watch now list. I love that movie too and dream of owning sweet little chocolate shop everytime I watch it.

Aww!! thanks Kaelin! What a nice lady you are :)
Your parents will love Wales, I grew up there and it really is such a friendly place!!

thanks kaelin!!! i'm so honoured =D

Thank you for sharing, these are such interesting answers, quite revealing!

Wow! I feel like I know a bunch more about you and thought that I already knew a fair amount. Great post! I had no idea that you were a golfer yourself but I do remember you talking about the fact that your dad was getting to go abroad to help with a tournament. And may I just say that we have even more in common than I thought? I'm an avid reader and it all started with a huge love for Nancy Drew. I'll have to show you all of my books sometime. They used to be in the closet that now houses the overflow of fabric. But they went up in the attic when Gustav came through a few years ago. I really wanted to evacuate with them though! LOL.

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