September 16, 2010

New Fabric Smell

Does anyone else love New Fabric Smell (henceforth to be known as NFS)? It's kind of like New Car Smell, except much, much better...because I don't have to spend 3 years paying it off or dump $40/week into it with nothing to show for it.

Even more mysterious is that all fabric has the exact same NFS, no matter where it comes from. I'm probably breathing in a delicious array of manufacturing chemicals whenever I take a big whiff of a fresh new fabric bundle. Ahhhh...those sweet, sweet carcinogens.

It's a shame they haven't come up with a scratch'n'sniff computer monitor yet, because I'd love to share the aroma.

From T to B: Dogwood Bloom in Lake, Honeycomb in Pink, Herringbone in Grass, Herringbone in Timber, Herringbone in Maple, Herringbone in Lake, Acorn Chain in Lake, Pie Basket in Fiesta

I also got some of the Farmdale prints (yay!) and here's a sneak peak at one of them + the other fabrics I'll be using for a new project - and this one's actually going to be for me! My husband and I are leaving for Disney World on Saturday, but when I get back I have a small mountain of half-finished projects to complete (this being one of them). First up are my September "wonky town" blocks for Bee (A Little Bit) Japanese, my Farmdale item, Meghan's Modern Meadow quilt, a Savvy Seasons swap item, and a smattering of other things. I think it's good I'm going on vacation before I finish working on them, because to be honest, I need a little break from sewing right now. Sacrilegious, I know....BUT...I will say that I'm gonna be really excited to start working on one project in particular when I get back. My Savvy Seasons secret partner mentioned bunting as one of her "wants", so I'm going to make interchangable bunting. It's going to be a long piece of linen tape with snaps on it, so my partner will be able to snap on and off the two holiday sets I'm going to make for it. One set will be fabric gingerbread cookies and glasses of milk, and the other will be triangle shaped santas and trees. The items will alternate with letters to spell out HO HO (i.e. cookie - H - milk - O - cookie - get the picture). I thought this would be fun because if she wanted, she could make a fabric set of letter flags + icons for every holiday!

Avert your eyes from these last few pictures if you're feeling a weak, compulsive need to order more fabric right now...because what I'm about to show you is practically fabric porn! Look at these precious fabrics Natalie sent for her October blocks! She wants us to make one giant 11"x36" mini-forest block full of wee lil trees and critters. Can I tell you how much I love our Japanese fabric bee? I love being able to work with all these different fabrics without having to buy them ;)

This one is by far my favorite..."petit cochon" aka "little pigs" adorable is that?!?!

I'm having a Glee marathon with my hubby right now and I'm missing the Olivia Newton John episode, so I gotta run. Lemme part by saying how much I love Sue Sylvester. What other character on TV could get away with saying lines like:

"You take weird little strides when you walk as if you grew up in Imperial Japan and someone bound your feet."


"Now get out of my office, if you can manage to squeeze through the door without your water breaking all over my new carpet."

No one.

P.S. THANK YOU for all your sweet comments about my B&W quilt top! You guys are the best, and if I had a chart with all your names written on it, each and every one of you would get a gold star ;)

Finishing it and writing about the whole ordeal was very cathartic, so thanks for reading through all my psychobabble. Hugs and kisses ~Kaelin


The cochon fabric also says "je suis ordonné" (I ordered?) and "c'est un favori" (it's a favourite/bookmark it). Crazy!

Sue Sylvester is a veritable treasure trove of awesome lines. "Your hair looks like a briar patch. I keep expecting racist animated Disney characters to pop up and start singing songs about living on the bayou."

i LOVE glee too!! so excited for its return next week! my friends and i already made plans and we are going to watch it every week at my house! and yay for new fabric, i just got a happy mail package too! =D

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