September 5, 2010

Weekend Update

My husband's done a lot of gaming, I've done a lot of sewing, and my dog has done a lot of napping on the sofa. I think all parties involved consider this holiday weekend a rousing success so far in terms of relaxation!

I had a couple different projects to wrap up, so bear with me as I "Vanna White" them all! First I had to finish my 6th and final block for the 3x6 Bee because the mailing deadline is next Wednesday. Miniature Quilter requested a purple + green + cream block (you can't really tell in the photo, but I promise those solid bits of Kona are cream instead of white!) Below you'll also see a mosaic of all my blocks for the bee :)

Next up is (yet another) box pouch for a friend at work. Her birthday was August 29th, so I'm ridiculously late with her present and finishing it this weekend was a must. I modified the design a little bit to include a wristlet strap and flower pin. Yay for options! Both can be detached, so it can transition from storage pouch to purse! She goes out a lot on the weekends, so I thought this would be a nice "grab and go" item for when she's livin' it up on the town ;)

I got the houndstooth fabric from Hobby Lobby, and both the lining and flower pin are made from prints from Timeless Treasures' "Taxi" Collection. The strap is Kona Cotton in Black and all the hardware and beads are from Joann's.

And last (but not least) is my favorite project of the weekend! It's for the Mug Rug Swap and I did a wee baby DWR for my secret swap partner!!! It's the same Jennifer Paganelli pattern I used for my Double Wedding Ring back in July, but I shrunk it by 50% on a copier. The piecing was a little meticulous since everything was on such a tiny scale and the seam allowances were only 1/8", but there were only two rings so I really enjoyed working on it (if I had to do 16 again I'd probably be singing a different tune!)

I know I really jumped the gun on this swap, but this Fall I'm signed up for another round of the 3x6 Bee, the SavVy {Seasons} Swap (whoo hoo!), the Mug Rug Swap, Modern Swappers, and Bee (A Little Bit) Japanese (year commitment)...not to mention I have a full-time job and lead our local chapter of the head is exploding just thinking about it! (but it's all more than worth it ::wink::) I'm really looking forward to participating in all these groups and am bound and determined to get it all done, so this was one thing I could cross of my list early. I find so many people these days are overextended and, unfortunately, not very dependable because of I really try to be a person others can count on to get things done. And there's my two cents for today...hehe :)



The mug rug is such a great idea, perfect for a mug of tea and a biscuit- a very lucky partner!

Thanks Kerry! I read your comment and it reminded me that I forgot to post the picture of my "staged" mug should like the plate...this one is Penny Lane and the other three in the set are Abbey Road, Notting Hill and Carnaby Street.

The DH and I kinda collect cute British things and would love to live in England some day!

Maybe that mug rug will be coming to my house? If not then I think I should make one for myself! Too cute!

That mug rug is just perfect. I can't even get over its wonderfulness! You are inspiring me (again!) to try an intricate pattern like dwr, if even on a small scale.

@Jessica - definitely!!! i think a small project like this would be a perfect trial run for the pattern. i think it would have saved me a lot of frustration if i'd done something like this before i tackled my big one.

i'm actually thinking about doing a mini DWR wall hanging now using my leftover fabric from the big one in July (i thought it would be a nice to have a mini replica as a "souvenir"!)

That mug rug is fantastic! I know you're crazy busy, so thanks so much for founding and leading the MQG. :)

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