September 13, 2010

The WKBW Quilt (aka Wimpy Kiddy Baby Whiner Quilt)

I'm a tinkerer, so I usually don't buy quilt kits or follow patterns to the letter, but this quilt is my one exception. A couple I knew was getting married about two years ago and they loved to decorate with black and white. Almost everything on their registry was black, white, or a combination of the two. get the idea. So when I saw this High Light quilt in the Fall 2008 issue of Quilts & More, I just knew they would love it. I called up the shop listed on the page and spent $300 ordering enough fabric to make a king size quilt (front, back and binding). I wouldn't normally take such a huge risk, but I was close enough with the couple to know their tastes pretty well. I finished the entire quilt top (aside from the 2 layers of sashing) a few months before the wedding, and the next time we went over for a visit, I brought the top so I could give them a sneak preview. I know...most people would think that's terrible and I'm ruining the surprise...but what can I say? I'm impatient and get super excited about giving presents! Well, as things turned out, it was a very good thing I did, because it wasn't well received at all.

I'll just go ahead and admit that I'm not a thick-skinned person, and I was so hurt that I found a dark corner to cry in that night. I couldn't (and still don't) understand where I went wrong. After the hurt came what I like to call a long period of secret "pissed offedness" and a healthy dose of self-pity. It was "secret" because I didn't want to admit to myself that I was the kind of childish and cowardly person that would hold a two year, passive-aggressive grudge. Meanwhile, the 90% completed top was folded and tossed under a pile of stuff to collect dust for a year and a half. I didn't want to put it somewhere I'd see it often, because I knew each glimpse would dredge up all those hurt feelings and anger.

A few months ago I realized I'm not the kind of person that should hold grudges. Truthfully, no one should...but it's particularly dangerous and unhealthy for me to hold onto anger because it's a huge problem in both sides of my family. I know I'm really susceptible to it, and I've seen many family members turn into bitter old codgers that have slowly shut out every imperfect person in their life (which is everyone!).

So I put on my big girl panties, let go of my unhealthy anger, and decided to finish this beautiful quilt. This past Saturday at our MQG Weekend Sew, I added both the thin black sashing and the thicker graphic sashing. I think I'm going to start pin basting sometime in October because I want to use this for our bedroom. I love black and white clothes, but I'm not usually a big fan of decorating with it because I find it a little harsh. I thought about selling it at first, but this quilt has slowly grown on me (I think it's the cute shams that sealed the deal and won over my heart), so we'll be using it as a fall/winter season quilt for our bed. We aren't allowed to paint our white apartment walls, so I have the luxury of being able to radically change the bed linens without clashing with the room decor :)

And there you have it. I know...I'm a big wimpy kiddy baby whiner sometimes...and I need to learn to let things go and forgive people despite their flaws (Because guess what...I have lots of flaws too! But shhh...that's our secret ::wink::)

My lovely assistant wasn't home yet and the light was fading, so these pictures are the best I could do. Did you know it's ridiculously hard to photograph a king size quilt? Well if not, now you do.

I promise all future photos will be at least 10x more awesome and show more than 50% of the quilt. Hopefully the Quilts & More photo up top will make up for what these lack ;)


It's a gorgeous quilt, Kaelin! It's really tough to hear that a gift isn't quite right--but I think you won out by getting to keep it :)

Oh how crushing! I feel for you .... This quilt is so awesome I would just be floored, awed, and overjoyed if someone was making it for me (that's a thinly veiled hint by the way). I'm so glad you're finishing it and you are going to have a truly beautiful quilt at the end of it. Lucky you!!

Its a beautiful quilt. How frustrating that it was not as well received as you'd thought. You did a wonderful job on it and you deserve something this awesome for yourself! Its really striking.

it is a gorgeous quilt, i'm glad you finished it! i absolutely LOVE the fabrics!!

Well, I'm glad you pulled up those big girl panties and finished this quilt top! :)

It is such a fabulous quilt! I'm sending the whiny baby a stink-eye look right now.... I hope they got it. I hope they sat up and said "DUDE! I totally missed the boat! I NEED that quilt!" And then I hope you remind them that you gave them a dinky gravy boat instead. Heh, heh, heh!

(Yes, I am working on not holding grudges as well. Why do you ask?)

The quilt is GORGEOUS!! What kind of close friend would turn up their nose at such a personal handcrafted gift? Its really beautiful and I'm glad you decided to finish it. Now you'll be able to enjoy it instead of it being folded up in a pile :)

Here's to big girl panties (and not holding on to anger - I hear you on that one). What a beautiful quilt - you deserve to keep it and enjoy it.

That is gorgeous!!!! I'd love that quilt to death!

Thanks for sharing your feelings about the quilt, totally understandable!! It's very attractive - hard to understand why it would not have been welcome, much less treasured, by the intended recipient.

I'd have cried too after spending so much money and time for a gift, but I think you got the better deal once the hurt feelings wore off. Some people are just rude and foolish (and just plain nuts not to love this)--way to change the outcome for yourself!

please...I would have been crying for days if someone was so rude about such a beautiful gift like that. Why don't some people learn basic things like politeness? For pete's sake, my aunt and uncle sent us a pink candle with a candle holder that looked like pepto bismol that threw up over itself and I still sent a thank you card saying what was lovely about it and what we would do with it. (We could use the candle holder, but that candle had to go! LOL It looked diseased).

You can make me a king size quilt anytime and I promise to love it and gush over it and tell everyone how wonderful you are. Well I already do the last part, but I'd like the quilt anyway. ;)

What?! I am trying to remind myself that these are your friends so I really shouldn't say anything bad about them but seriously! That quilt is gorgeous, looks like you ended up the winner seeing as you get to keep it and you probably would never have spent all that time and money making something for yourself otherwise. I simply do not get some people. Sigh.

What? Do I know the person who turned down this lovely quilt! I fully admit to being a sucker for b&w patterned everything and I can't imagine why someone wouldn't want this! I also can't believe someone would turn down a hand-made quilt lovingly created by a dear friend, no matter if it is their taste or not. I can imagine why you felt crushed.
Much like all your other admirers, if you want to give away a gorgeous king size quilt, you have my addie:)

I can't believe this quilt would not be well received. I have become extremely selective about whom I will spend my quilting energy on. It is hurtful when you pour yourself into something and someone acts like they would have rather had a toaster...don't feel bad. It says more about their manners than it does about your quilt!

Thanks everyone! Writing this post and reading all your lovely comments made me feel 1000% better! I'm feeling fresh as a daisy and ready to move on! I wish I could make one of these quilts for each and every one of you :)

@Dana - Nope, you don't...but if you'd like to send them some of Sue Sylvester's "special" cookies, I can give you their address (just kidding...haha!)

@Tulip Patch - Being more selective is a lesson I'm learning as well...not only because I want to make things for people who will appreciate them, but also because I don't have the time! I like to THINK I can juggle 20 projects at once, but I just can't! :(

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