October 30, 2010

Blogger's Quilt Festival

Isn't this a fun idea? Amy's Creative Side is having an online quilt festival for those of us that can't make it to the Houston Intl. Quilt Show!

The quilt I chose is my Double Wedding Ring from earlier this year. I know most of you have probably already seen a million pictures of it because it consumed most of my summer, but I thought I'd post it anyway because I love it so! It's by far the most difficult (and rewarding) quilt I've ever made. There were many episodes of crying like a small child, and I almost gave up several times while ripping out my 500th seam, but once I got the technique down, I was able to zip right through it. There really isn't a lot of in-depth info out there about how to piece one of these bad boys. Sure, there are written instructions galore, but I'm a very visual learner and need pictures and videos to really get it. I think that's why I had such a hard time at the beginning :(

This quilt was a wedding present for one of my best and oldest friends. I've known her since I was 10 and I know that we'll always be friends, no matter how far apart we live. She's a sweetie and I love both her and her husband (who's a riot, by the way!) The other day I messaged them on Facebook, and her husband replied: "We're sorry you haven't heard from us, but we are too busy gazing into one another's eyes to pick up the phone." ....HAHAHA! Silly rabbits.

My goal with this quilt was to make something gender neutral. I always feel kinda sorry for the guys at wedding showers because we ladies pick out almost everything, and there are very few presents that men would get excited about...unless someone buys them a tool box or universal remote, haha! Plus we all know I'm a little on the flamboyant side, and Allison is much more traditional, so I needed to tone down the color palate from my usual shenanigans.

This quilt represents a lot of firsts for me. First time using the Double Wedding Ring pattern. First time free motion quilting. First time binding curved edges. And my first real attempt at combining modern and reproduction fabrics. Hope Valley is a little traditional for my tastes....the oranges and pinks are okay, but I would never have bought the blues and grays if it weren't for this project.  It's no secret how obsessed I am with the Modern Meadow line, but I didn't want to go with just that. I really wanted to pay homage to the long history of the DWR pattern by pulling in some reproduction prints, instead of blazing forward with super modern fabrics and snubbing my nose at tradition. Any other time I might have done that (hehe!), but I really love what the pattern represents and by including traditional fabrics, I felt like I was embracing all the DWR quilts that had been made over the centuries to celebrate a marriage....joining forces with all the little old ladies that sat in sewing bees and spent months hand sewing quilts for their daughters and granddaughters. Don't you feel so proud and blessed to be a part of such an amazing American tradition sometimes? 


So that's my story and I'm stickin' to it! Readers, I hope you have a fabulous time surfing through all the amazing quilts posted this weekend! I'll be right there with you clicking away :)

P.S. If you wanna see more pictures of this quilt, I have about a million in this set in Flickr. I wanted to document every inch of it since I was giving it away!


It is gorgeous - a lovely gift that will last a lifetime. You did a marvelous job!

Beautiful curved edges! Did you paper piece this quilt? What a great idea to do a DWR quilt for a wedding gift.

This is beautiful...lucky recipients!

@ Angie - yes! I'm not an accurate enough cutter/sewer to have done it without paper piecing, haha!

I used this free pattern by Jennifer Paganelli:


You did a wonderful job of this. Great fabric selection. Love the contemporary feel of the fabrics in such a traditional DWR design.

I just adore this quilt! I love your fabric choices, I love the pattern, I especially love your story. A wedding ring quilt is something I truly want to make (someday) and it's nice to hear about someone surviving it and producing such a gorgeous quilt!


Greetings from France


I loved it first time and I love it now and its reincarnation into a mug rug, I think it is the greys, they reinterpret a traditional pattern

Gorgeous quilt - I cannot imagine how long it must have taken to make it!

I understand why you are proud...this quilt is amazing! I love your DWR quilt and the dark background is perfect and modern!

So happy to see this one back up again! I LOVE it!!!

Oh wow - this might be my favourite quilt of the whole festival! I love the colours. You did a beautiful job with it. Thanks for sharing!!

Oh my gosh, this is fabulous! I love everything about it, the colors, the pattern, the scalloped edge. Congrats on a job beautifully done!

Very cool quilt - thanks for sharing!

Beautiful quilt. It's an extremely striking DWR quilt with those lovely muted colours. What a great gift!

Wow, this is amazing! I adore DWR quilts but I'm intimidated by the intricacy of the pattern. I think it might take me forever! But yours looks awesome and I really must try it one of these days!

This quilt is amazing! I love the curved binding!

Lovely! The perfect wedding quilt!

Beautiful, beautiful quilt. It's such a wonderful mix of traditional and modern.

this quilt is fantastic! thanks for sharing it for the festival or else I never would have seen it and found your blog~
i'm thinking about making a DWR for my friend's wedding next fall, if I decide to I may need a bit of advice..

this is pretty amazing. LOVE the binding - that must ahve been so hard to get right. The colours are spot on as well

I love this modern interpretation of a traditional design - and grays and blues are among my favorite colors.

DWR is one of my favorites. That is just so pretty! I love the colors (gender neutral is awesome!). What an amazing gift. Thanks for sharing.

xo -El

This is such an amazing quilt! I have been hand piecing a DWR quilt for a little while now but it has been put aside for the moment, I think you have inspired me to get back into it!
I love the colours you chose. They must've been great friends for you to give this beauty away!

It turned out beautiful. This definitely must be a very close friend, as those quilts are a lot of work!

@ Jessica - if you decide to go for it next year, gimme a yell and i'd be happy to help :)

Your quilt is very impressive. Thanks for providing the story about why and how you made it; it makes it all the more interesting.

I love it, and I love that it's not super girly too, I have the hardest time making quilts for my room because I doubt my husband wants to sleep under something pink and ruffly! Way to go with all that tedious work too.

I love this quilt! Beautiful pattern and fabric choices. Lucky friends.

Such a beautiful quilt. I love it!!!!

This is so pretty! Double Wedding Ring is the one quilt I swore I'd never make. Last year I bought the templates. This summer I started cutting out scraps. Maybe your post will inspire me to actually move on to the sewing part.

I made one too! It was my second quilt. You can see it on my blog.
I love yours also, but it's totally different than mine :)

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