October 18, 2010

Completed SavVy {Seasons} Bunting (2nd Set)

Why am I blogging at 12:40 am? I came home this afternoon from church and pretty much blacked out on my sofa. I slept for 4 solid hours and my husband practically had to blow an airhorn in my face to wake me up. We had a late dinner planned with the fam, so I didn't get to work on the last few touches on my 2nd bunting set until 10:30 tonight. I finished the two Santas yesterday, but I hadn't so much as cut out the fabric for the trees yet. Since the SavVy {Seasons} mailing deadline is the 18th (which is technically today....even though it's an ungodly hour right now), I had to shake a tailfeather in order to finish in time! Below are all the photos. My husband is already in bed and even uber-hyper Whiskers is dragging right now, so that's why I'm making this short and sweet. You can read more about my interchangable bunting and see the first set here.


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