October 11, 2010

My 1st Completed SavVy {Seasons} Set!!! (the Milk & Cookies one)

I finished my first bunting set this weekend for the SavVy {Seasons} Swap, and I'm SO excited about how it turned out. I've never made a bunting before and I completely made up my own pattern and instructions, so it was a huge gamble! Even worse, I didn't even look at other bunting instructions for basic construction tips because I'm an idiot like that. My husband will tell you, I can be a bit lazy sometimes and take wild & hare-brained shortcuts...so it's a real miracle this project didn't crash and burn!

I had a few concerns about the snaps, but they work really well. I was afraid that when the bunting was hung, the pieces attached with snaps (cookies & milk bottles) would swivel on the snap and not align with the curvature of the flags. But so far, so good! I'm starting work on the Christmas Trees + Santas set tonight and I'll keep ya'll posted.

P.S. I really hope my secret swap partner has a fireplace, because it would be SO PRECIOUS to hang this over the fireplace the night before Christmas. It would be like a welcome banner pointing Santa to his treats! ;)

I'm seriously gonna have to make another one of these for our fireplace this Christmas!


It turned out to be OH SO CUTE! You did a great job!

~ Meagan

Very cute :) I love the snaps idea!

super duper cute!! I can't wait to see the other snap set as well!

this is so cute and the idea of the snaps is perfect- can move them around and style it, brilliant!

its fab!! love it! and especially love peter pan and his posse flying by your fireplace!

So cute! I agree--the snaps are perfect :)

i already commented at flickr but this is so sweet - very, very great idea and so nicely sewed! i hope it is for me, pleeeaase!!

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