October 1, 2010

Meet the Matryoshkas (and why husbands should never be left unattended while cooking...)

Because I started the Bee (A Little Bit) Japanese and am one of the Co-Moderators, I hated the thought of ever being late with any of my blocks. But this month it was almost unavoidable. The first part of the month was sheer madness, then I went on vacation for 10 days, and when I got back (exhausted & with a giant pile of work waiting for me at home and at the office), I only had four days to get them done. I wanted to be as considerate as possible, so I emailed Paula before I left on vacation and told her I'd probably be a week or two late completing her blocks for September. Well praise the Lord and pass the ammunition (sorry...I'm not a fan of country, but can't help but love the Dixie Chicks)...I FINISHED! YESTERDAY! I had a MQG meeting from 7-9 pm, so when I hit the door at 5:00, I frantically started working on my second (and final) block. I needed to leave for the meeting by 6:20 or so, and that meant I only had 1 hour & 20 minutes to finish. It also meant that I wouldn't be able to fix the hubs dinner, and he's always a bit of a lost puppy in the kitchen. He starts scrounging around in the cabinets eating weird combinations of food if there's nothing readily available for him to eat....like pouring honey on saltine crackers or microwaving shredded cheese on top of pecans...*shudders*

Good News: I finished my last block before the meeting and will be able to mail them out on time today!

Bad News: My husband had started to fry tortillas as I was leaving, and upon coming home 3 hours later, he was sitting in the living room playing Lego Harry Potter and the kitchen had cooking oil splattered EVERYWHERE. Greasy footprints on the floor (which the dog was licking), splatters on the wall, all over the stove, my countertop canisters, my friend's cupcake carrier...EVERYWHERE. Now my husband is the sweetest man alive and my best friend, and unlike most men, he's usually very considerate. But when I came home to this disaster at 10pm and found him playing XBox instead of cleaning, I nearly lost my mind. Thirty minutes later, after I'd cleaned up the mess and the anger monkeys had done their work, I snatched my blocks for Paula off the dining table to snap some quick photos. Even worse news...upon picking them up, I noticed there was a grease spot right in the center of the Matryoshka's house....GAH!!! The grease had made it all the way over to my big Olfa cutting mat on the dining table. Thank God for the internet, because I learned that if you apply straight dish detergent to a fresh grease stain with a Q-Tip, rub it in, and then rinse with water, it usually comes out. My husband breathed a sigh of relief because it did work, and he was saved from another releasing of the anger monkeys.

So without further ado...
Meet the Matryoshkas!

This is mama Ana Matryoshka and her daughter Sasha.

This is their house.

This is their produce stand.

...where they sell fresh fruit ("fruit frais") and veggies!

Paula gave us free reign and said pretty much anything goes in "Wonkytown", and I really liked the idea of not just doing wonky houses, but adding a "business" to the town. When I saw the Japanese matryoshka print at the bottom of my fabric pile, I thought it would be cute to turn them into a family and make a mini-narrative for the town :)
And on a completely unrelated note, look what I mailed today!

Remember my finished Mug Rug from way back when? Today was the start of the official mailing period (Oct. 1-8), and I've had it for so long that I thought I'd stop torturing my secret partner and end the suspense :) I included two fat quarters and most of the swap participants thought it would be fun to include a recipe, so I threw my go-to cookie recipe in there.

I'll post the recipe later today because it's my favorite cookie EVER. It's like a chocolate chip cookie on steriods...imagine a chocolate chip cookie with a hint of cinnamon & ginger, and then rolled in powdered sugar. It tastes like Christmas. And I love the hint of ginger because it gives them a little pizazz. I think I might go home tonight and make some now...mmmm cookies...*rubs tummy*


I love these houses!! Thank goodness you were able to get the grease out. The anger monkeys are appeased for now .....

Hey, don't knock your huband's taste too much - saltines with honey are delicious!

Also, that mug rug is absolutely adorable.

Kaelin, wow, those blocks are adorable! Wonderful that the grease spot came out - gotta keep those anger monkeys away at all costs! Your mug rugs are an inspiration, and many thanks for the cookie recipe - I think I'll make them for my fellow courtroom staff next week - they will love you!

I am almost crying with laughter reading this, I can only imagine just how angry you must have been, I certainly would have blown a fuse! I love the back stories that are coming along with all of my blocks, I can completely picture snuggling under the finished quilt in years to come and looking at each of the blocks, remembering all of the tales! This is such a great bee! I love Mama Ana and Sasha and their lives, thank you so much!

thanks for this entertaining post! love your expressions (anger monkeys), easy to relate

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