October 13, 2010

Miscellaneous & Sundries

I know, I know. I've made like 500 box pouches and posted them on here, but believe it or not, I've actually censored myself several times and many of them haven't made an appearance. Aren't you proud of me?

Alas, the siren call of wee bitty owls was too much for me to resist, so I just had to share this one with you guys! You see, I'm trying to rope my friend Katie into picking up sewing, so I took her to a local quilt shop to pick out fabric for some curtains in her new house. I knew the designer fabrics at Mes Amis would plant the fabric bug in her, and I was totally right. She went crazy when she saw this print, so I bought a FQ and secretly made this pouch for her! I call it the "Mr. Owl Pouch"....because even though they're baby owls, they wanna feel grown up and all demanded that I call them "Mr. Owl" like their dad.

I'm insane, I know...but I like creating backstories for some of my creations. The scary thing is that what you guys read on here is actually me filtering my thoughts. Terrifying, I know. If I seem this crazy when I'm consciously censoring myself, what must my internal monologue sound like? Probably something like Gene Wilder's Willy Wonka + Kristin Chenoweth + Martha Stewart. There are a lot of show tunes in my head...and I talk a lot...but I'm surprisingly organized and versatile despite my madness.

Right. So. More pictures of my projects, less crazy talk.

Both the interior and exterior fabrics are from Michael Miller. The exterior is Who's Hoot in Olive from the Hedgehog Group, and the interior is Chocolate Dumb Dots. And again, I used linen tape for the zipper pulls on the side.

I've finally collected all my bee blocks from my month as Queen Bee in the Bee (A Little Bit) Japanese! I plan on putting the top together during the New Orleans MQG's fall retreat next weekend. I am so RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED about it!!! This is my first quilting retreat, I absolutely love the people in our guild, and I have a ton of surprises planned that none of my little "guildies" know about. BWAHAHA! By the way, "guildies" is the pet name I've now come up with for our members....I considered "guildlings" for a second...but that sounded way too much like "geldings" and it weirded me out.

And THIS is a project I've been working on for our home. Mail and other miscellanous papers in our house have a tendency to collect into "crap piles" on any flat surface...our dining table, kitchen counters, coffee table, desk...so this will hopefully put an end to that. NO MORE CRAP PILES! I'm using a pattern from One Yard Wonders to make a wall organizer for incoming mail and important papers.

These are my cut fabric pieces and I need to run out and get some grommets before I can finish. Fun fact: this was one of the first pieces of fabric I ever bought (and it was purchased from the first online fabric store I found...purlsoho!), and I've been hoarding it for going on 4 years. I loved it too much to use for a project I'd be giving away, and now that I've found a suitable use for it in our house, I'm happy to finally cut into it! :) Can't wait to show you guys the finished project (and the death of crap piles!)


I love all those cute little Mr. Owls!
I don't know who Kristen Chenoweth is, but the combination of Willy Wonka and Martha Stewart amuses me! :-)

~ Meagan

oh seeing your bag makes me so excited to be one of your fellow guildies and get to make some on the retreat! Woohoo! I'm collecting a pile of supplies slowly but surely to bring along. Oh and our fabric came in so I'll bring it then!

And I love your fabric for your mail organizer. I can understand why you have been hoarding it, but good for you for finally cutting into it.

oh yeah...and you're completely making me crack up with your combination of Gene Wilder's Willy Wonka + Kristen Chenoweth + Martha Stewart! That is one screwy combination!

I love the little owl bag! So cute! And the other projects look amazing too.


That bag is adorable! Would you mind sharing the pattern for it?

And those bee blocks are killer! I can't wait to see the finished product!

I am SOOOO very excited, too! Tomorrow, I am making my list of what I will be working on. It is going to be such a great weekend!

I looked for linen tape on my trip but never found it. Even looked at Joann's. I know you go there a lot. Where do you get it? And also where do you get the linen you use in your projects? I've made about 5 little pouches. Instead of twill tape I make a tube out of a 3" square that goes with my outer fabric, fold in half and use them for the zipper pulls. Works good too. I only forgot to open the zipper on one of them. Learned that lesson! Big pain in the keester!

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