October 25, 2010

MQG Retreat: Project #1 - Scrappy Spidey Top

Our retreat was awesome! I'm a little tired (from staying up til 3 am every night) and a little stiff (from 3 days of marathon sewing), but I would do it all again in a heartbeat! I had so much fun and can't believe how blessed I am to know such an amazing and talented group of women. They're 100% awesome. When I'm at local quilt shops, I sometimes overhear women talking about little tiffs and feuds between people they're in guilds with, and I'm so incredibly happy we don't have any of that in our guild. Seriously. We're all a part of the MQG to have fun, enjoy each other's company, and be inspired by the work and advice of our fellow members. We stayed up each day until the wee hours of the morning sewing, chatting, watching Glee, laughing, being serenaded by Angela (who has an amazing voice, by the way), and eating Jambalaya and Groom's Cake ice cream *rubs tummy* A good time was had by all, and there's been talk of a Spring retreat because I don't think any of us want to wait a year!

Oh! And I almost forgot to tell you all that the gals had a secret pow-wow and got me the most awesome "thank you" present for organizing the retreat!! I forgot to take pictures, but I'll have some for you tomorrow. I know this will sound like a beauty pageant answer, but I really do all this stuff with the MQG because I love it. It doesn't even feel like work because I love it so much...and I'm happy to do it in order to spend time with my fellow MQG ladies ;) So their gift was a completely unexpected surprise..thank you so much ladies!

So that's that! On to the pictures of my 1st project! I finally collected all 24 of my Bee (A Little Bit) Japanese blocks and put together what I dub the "Scrappy Spidey" quilt top. The top is 95% completed because I still have to add some navy Kona sashing. After that I'll slap the same color Kona on the back and quilt with a Kelly Green embroidery thread. This will be my husband's Christmas present, so I thought the navy and green would be nice and manly for his official "sofa napping" quilt :)

I can't get over how uniform most of the blocks were. They were made by 10 different people and yet I had almost no trouble lining up my seams! Well done hive members!

And here's my favorite block in the bottom right corner. I'm gonna put my tag on the other side of this block once I add the backing. Thanks for the precious birdie Paula!


This is looking great! I think the navy will look brilliant with it.

Ahhh....I got a personal shout out. Too sweet. I couldn't tell if I was annoying people with my singing or not. LOL.

We do have the most amazing group...all so different and yet we get along perfectly! I have so much fun with all of you. And it was so fun to have Cherie there too...she fits right in with us!

And you deserve more than that fabric for all that you do for us...whether you think it's a hardship or not. And we definitely appreciate it.

The spider quilt is looking good, nice pressie for your husband and you get to share it too!

Are you asking someone to start some drama in our group? Because I can do it. You know I'm such a drama queen..... Or, I can just show up at our next meeting dressed like the ... um .... little ladies we saw at Ninfa's. That will at least stir things up a bit, eh?

HAD A BLAST! Let's do this again next weekend.

Thanks, Kaelin, for the awesome weekend! I loves you guys. :)

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