October 26, 2010

MQG Retreat: Project #2 - 3x6 Bee Block

I wanted to come up with my own design for this round of the 3x6 bee, so here you have it. It's nothing spectacularly creative (we've all seen a zigzag before), but I thought a lone zigzag on a plain block would be simple and cute. I really enjoy playing with tiny cuts of different prints. Little bitty triangles are so cute, plus small scale prints rarely get a chance to shine, so I thought this would be a good block for that. My husband (and a gal at the retreat) both said it reminded them of Charlie Brown, haha!

The block is for Rose...she asked for gray, white, and soft pinks.

And here are the promised pictures of my presents! They got me an adorable bundle of Riley Blake fabrics (isn't the damask precious?! look at the little pots and irons!) and a matching fabric panel. THANK YOU GALS!!!

Sorry that last photo is really blurry, but I couldn't stop laughing so the camera was shaking in every picture I took. Sadly enough, the one above is the least blurry of the group! Here's what happened...

Me: "Can you hold this up so I can take a picture?"
Husband: "That's what she said."


I love how crisp the block looks. A whole quilt of these would be amazing. If only I didn't break out in hives when I think about a bunch of HST. :)

Oh, I thought your flickr widget (I found you on flickr) was awesome so I totally copied it. Thanks!

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