October 8, 2010

Pardon me while I laugh maniacally

I received my mug rug package in the mail yesterday and when I tore it to bits and Scottie paraphernalia spilled out, I started making these weird sounds to my husband. They weren't really squeals of delight, screams, or even villainous cackles....they were hysterical, short bursts of laughter usually only made by truly insane people. HA! ha HA! *short pause to slap my husband on the arm in excitement* HA! ha...HA HA HA! And I'm sure I had wild eyes like Gollum cradling "the precious" as I was doing it. You see, I have an unhealthy attachment to my dog. I don't dress him up in weird clothes or push him around in a $2,000 British pram like some of the crazy people I saw in Chicago....but I have told Ray that when Whiskers passes one day, he should expect mourning of Biblical proportions....like me sitting in the backyard in a sackcloth wailing and throwing ashes on myself. It will be bad. Truthfully, I'll probably just lock myself in the house like crazy Miss Havisham for a week or so, but that's neither here nor there.

Point is, I've LOVED Scotties ever since I was little. I love their stumpy bodies, giant heads, whiskery beards, and prideful little trots. I picked out a name for my future Scottie over 10 years ago, so all I needed to complete the plan was a living, breathing dog. Pets weren't allowed in our apartment complex in Chicago, so as soon as we moved to New Orleans, I began waging my campaign. I found someone selling Scottie pups in a nearby town, so I printed several pictures of a closeup of one of their sweet little faces, laminated them, and strategically placed them all over the house. On the fridge. In Ray's wallet. On his pillow. Taped on the car dash. Ray caved to my insanity, Sir Whiskers MacTavish became my furry companion, and I began collecting Scottie paraphernalia like nobody's bizzznass.

Now that I've painted a complete picture of my Scottie-induced madness, you can probably picture my reaction to the following a little bit better:

Here are all my goodies from Clover & Violet!!! Is it sad that I immediately recognized her Flickr name because she has a Scottie icon that I'd commented on before?

During this picture I was thinking, "oh, it will be so cute if I hold the notepad next to Whiskers and take a picture of him doing the same pose as the dog on the notepad"

While I was trying to capture that shot, Whiskers decided he didn't like the looks of my notepad anymore...so he turned on it, bit down, and violently fought me for it (all while I'm still trying to hold the camera with one hand and snap a photo). His eyes were staring right into mine saying "just let go of it you devil woman!"

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU JENNIE! I absolutely love my loot and can't wait to use it at my desk! I'll snap a photo so you can see all your hard work in action :)

Sidenote: Anyone game for some milk and cookies? I finished the embroidery on my first bunting set (mentioned here and here)!

P.S. Is it sad that making fake food constantly makes me hungry for real food? True story.


OMG! You are possibly the most funny person on the planet. What a hysterical story of opening your package. I love the way you "convinced" your husband to get a scottie dog. Too funny. I think that your puppy was jealous of the one on the note pad. That's why there was some fighting and chewing.

And your milk and cookies are adorable! Great...now I want milk and cookies. You're passing the sickness on.

Hilarious! Love the milk and cookies!

I'm thinking maybe Sir Whiskers liked the notepad, and really just wanted it for himself! That is such a great package to have received :-)

~ Meagan

Cute stories, love them all. I'm so happy that you loved what you received! It was a fun swap, huh?!

Susan/aka FlossieBlossoms

So glad you enjoyed it so much! I can relate to the scottie love!

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