October 4, 2010

SavVy {Seasons} Swap Update

I created all my bunting templates this weekend (which took almost 3 HOURS!) and I'm 90% finished with the alphabet ones. I just need to press the outside seams and edgestitch and I'm done. I'm thinking about turning my templates into pdf files and sharing them with you. Would you like that? Would you like me to go even further and do a tutorial? Leave me some feedback lovin' in the comments section.

Good. On we go.

This is all the fabric I'll be using for both sets. You can see the Milk + Cookies set will be much more muted than the Santas + Trees version.

Here's a better idea of the Santas + Trees color scheme...

...and here's the Milk + Cookies one.

I haven't done much holiday sewing before, so I'm really looking forward to completing this project. I only have until the 18th to finish, so I'd best get a'movin'!


Love it! And love the fabric!

it's looking super cute!!! you can't go wrong with amy butler dots!

Yes I love these and would love the tutorial and pdf. Dying to make these for the kids bdays

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