October 19, 2010

So excited I could burst!

Not only am I excited about naming the winner of the potholders + chai latte spices, but I received the most awesome package in the history of history yesterday!

First things first, I'll announce the person who posted the "tastiest looking recipe" during the giveaway, and is therefore the winner of 2 custom-made potholders & a bag of chai latte spices from yours truly ;) I conferred with my husband and our criteria was: which of these do we want to cook & eat first? We couldn't narrow it down between two recipes, so we've declared a TIE!

The winners are...
love.sewn's Sweet Potato Empanadas (p. 15)
Mary C.'s Butternut Squash Soup with Apples & Smoked Cheddar (p. 33)

Let me tell you though, it was a really close race. Nancy Sue's Havana Moon Chili, Molly's Brown Butter Shortbread, and Angela's Southwestern Beef Chili with Corn were right on their heels! (you can click here to download a pdf of all the recipes submitted during the contest!)

I decided I would hold off on making the potholders until the winners were announced, because I wanted to give them options. I was inspired by Oh Fransson!, because this summer she had a contest where entrants had to leave an inspirational idea for a mini quilt in the comments. It could be a single word, color, movie, food...whatever!...and at the end she picked the two entries she liked best and made custom mini quilts for them based on the idea they left. I thought that was the coolest idea ever, so I decided to copy her idea on a much smaller scale!

Both of the winners have been contacted, and they'll receive one holiday potholder and one regular "year-round" potholder. But here's where it gets fun! They'll be able to choose between Modern v. Retro for the Christmas potholder, and for the regular "year-round" potholder they can pick their favorite color (or a color that would match their kitchen) and I'll make it accordingly. And knowing me, I may throw in a coordinating extra or two ;)

Moving on to the second thing I mentioned...the awesomely awesome package I received yesterday!!! You guys are not gonna believe this, but my SavVy {Seasons} swap partner, who was only required to send one item, made me the following (these are her pictures, by the way...I swiped them off Flickr (with her permission!) because I didn't have time to take my own yesterday):

FOUR of the most adorable tree placemats ever made!

A wee lil' tree skirt for the mini tree I keep in my cubicle during the holidays. I'm gonna be stylin' and profilin' at the office with this!

And the part you're not gonna believe....

On top of everything else, she made me a FREAKIN' ANNA MARIA HORNER SCOTTIE DOG PILLOW! LOOK! Just LOOK AT IT!!! I wanna start screaming all over again right now!!!

She combined two of my greatest loves in life...my favorite designer with my favorite furry critter!!! He looks thoughtful, doesn't he?

But seriously...the way I was screaming over this package, the people at the post office probably thought I was being axe murdered in my car. Nope. Sorry postal workers...I'm not in pain or danger...I'm just a crazy lady with an over-abundant love of crafty items and bearded dogs.


And I am also so excited!
I'll check my email when I get home from work
thank you!

ooh, I love that doggie :)

could you maybe post links to those recipes? sweet potato empanadas sounds like a winner to me!

What a great bundle from your partner, really thoughtful. Loving it all but a special mention for the doggie!

@Michelle - I know! Doesn't it sound absolutely amazing?! If you go to the post entitled "Surprise!", I've embedded a pdf file containing all the recipes. The sweet potato empanada recipe is on pg. 15

I think I'd have screamed as well - it's such a fabulous package. I love the tree design on those mats. I have the pattern for the doggie it's on my 'to make list'.

ill have to thank my friends mom who made me my first sweet potato empanadas. sweet potato is an excellent substitute to regular potatoes and its better for you with lots of vitamins. thanks so much kaelin for the giveaway!

Hello from Washington DC area...Thank you so much for the PDF for the recipes and taking the time to gather that all together!! What a nice gift for us! Thx too for the mention of the Havanna Moon Chili. It's also great with Quinoa substituted for the rice and just added in as it cooks. Thanks again for the recipes. I see you're from New Orleans so you'll appreciate that while I read the blogs, I drink coffee from my Cafe Du Monde mug that my husband picked up on his business meetings to New Orleans. The coffee just tastes better in this mug!

ah...so close! LOL.

I'm glad that you got such a wonderful package because you worked so hard on yours! It looks like she really thought hard about what to make just for you and that's so cool when people do that.

@Nancy Sue - yay for NOLA mugs!

p.s. if I'd known that beforehand, i would've thrown the vote so i could send you a bag of Community Coffee with your potholders. hehe. just kidding readers! (or am i?)

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