November 17, 2010

Finalized "Rain or Shine" Fabrics

So after reading ya'lls comments, swapping, cutting, stash yanking, and staring (into the abyss), I've finally finalized my fabrics for the Rain or Shine quilt from Oh Fransson's book. I just couldn't do without certain fabrics, but what I had before wasn't I decided to add a 5th group of blocks and make my quilt 5x5 rather than 4x5. Problem solved! I only had to take 1 print out, and I got to add some awesome new prints...note the Echino and Far Far Away 2 in the top right corner ;) You know I mean business if I cut into the Echino and FFA2 stashes. I have a serious hoarding problem when it comes to expensive/rare prints...I ordered a 1/2 yard FFA2 bundle a while back and so far I've only cut into two prints (in 3 months)!

Oh, and I'm down between Kona Ash and Kona Medium Gray for the sashing....I'll probably wait until I have my blocks assembled to make a final decision on that.

P.S. One of my friends saw my fabrics and immediately squealed "it's an LSU quilt!". I may or may not have peered down at her with death ray eyes after she let that loose. Allow me to clarify. I will fire-walk over a mile-long bed of hot coals before I ever make an "LSU quilt". I am a UK fan to the death. Go Big Blue.

Below is a close-up photo so you can see all the prints in more detail. You know...daylight savings time is really crampin' my style. It's almost dark by the time I get home from work (at 5 pm!!) every day, so it's getting near impossible to take my photos outside. Hence the crappy indoor lighting. The dark purple prints look almost black :(

Oh! And I finally finished my 2nd set of coasters for Molly (Ms. Brown Butter Shortbread) from an earlier giveaway. They went in the mail on Saturday and should be arriving on her doorstep any day now!



P.S. You see what I have to resort to? I'm so desperate for light that I took these photos on the counterop of my cubicle *sigh*.

P.S.S. We're not supposed to put up holiday decorations at work until the 29th, but I used my birthday yesterday to lobby for my baby tree. Remember this tree skirt from the SavVy {Seasons} swap? You're so awesome valmiller!!! My friend is always telling me I'm a gay man trapped in a woman's body because of my love of show tunes, Glee, the Divine Miss M, Clinton Kelly (I met him at a mall this summer!!! He looks exactly the same in person! So precious!), Moulin Rouge, Project Runway and my general she nearly died when she saw my amazingly amazing silver Christmas tree. I told her not to hate because I can't help being born more awesome than her ;) Word up to all my "G's"....I miss you Ben :(


I really like the final choices for your rain or shine quilt. Great mixtures in there :)
And I absolutely agree with you about the dark 5pm thing... it's rubbish!

Hooray - those are so gorgeous! Fingers crossed they come in the mail today or tomorrow :) It would be a happy surprise since I'm home sick!

i love the tree~ way to spread a bit of holiday cheer at work! (p.s. i <3 clinton too!)

I'm happy to hear that you're sticking to your roots!! GO CATS!! ♥

And I love that little tree! I may have to get one for my cube this year too. But I don't really have a great place to put it, b/c my space is so small. Maybe I could clear off my shelf...

Enjoy the upcoming holidays!

~ Meagan

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