November 23, 2010

My Finished Project for the Holiday Mug Rug Swap

I finally finished my Mug Rug for the Mug Rug Swap 2! I've been tearing my hair out and cursing the day I signed up for so many swaps...I knew better than to sign up for so many right before the holidays, but I couldn't stop myself. Despite the madness, I managed to finish a few days before the final mailing deadline on the 29th :)  Now all I have to do is complete my Modern Swappers items, my 3x6 Bee blocks, and my Pillow Talk Swap pillow and I'll be right as rain.

I thought it would be cute to have a reversible mug rug that my partner could flip to reflect her current mood :)  I figure the "naughty" side will be pre-coffee and the "nice" side will be post-coffee...hehe! I used free-motion applique on all the words, packages, and lumps o' coal.

Below is a closeup of my packages. Don't act like you're not impressed by my crappy bows. They look so sad and lumpy *sigh* ...I promise they were much more majestic in my brain.

Also, I'll have some pictures of my finished Scrappy Spidey quilt soon! I had to baste it in an empty office at work and I've been hand quilting the layers during my lunch break every day in order to hide it from the hubby. Have I mentioned before that it's impossible to hide anything from my him? He always unwittingly stumbles across every surprise I plan for him...BAH! He guessed that I was getting him an XBox for Christmas last year, and I played it so cool. Still have no idea how he figured that one out. He's strictly forbidden from looking at my blog, so hopefully this year he'll be surprised when he unwraps his quilt :)

Hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving!!! I don't know about ya'll, but I plan on slamming. I pity the food that crosses my path come Thursday. I'm trying out a new cornbread and Andouille stuffing that looks pretty spectacular spectacular (in the words of the vernacular). Needless to say, the running regime shall resume on Monday before I spiral out of control and develop a food baby in the ol' stomach region.

P.S. Many thanks to my partner in Scottie crime, Sarah. She tipped me off about the amazing Scottie Christmas fabric you see above. Can you believe it's from Hancock's? Whiskers shall be getting a new stocking and a tree skirt this year. Yes, it's his tree skirt, because he believes that all our tree skirts are his personal blankets. He likes to lounge under the tree on them and munch on the plastic branches...this is also why we haven't been able to put up our Hogwarts Express Lego train the past two years....*sigh* The poor little Lego men would think he was Godzilla as he stomped through their little plastic town!


Adorable idea for the mug rug!!! :) I love it!

The mug rug is awesome and your bows are too. :)

i love your mug rug! i think i need one of those because i definitely feel "naughty" before coffee..
do you want to do a husband swap? mine is horrible at picking up hints, so bad that yesterday i left my x-mas list on the dining room table and he still doesn't know what he's getting. i've been hinting for MONTHS that i'd like to have my sewing machine serviced for christmas and i think it'll take my driving him to the machine shop before he notices. oh well, he's good for other things. :)
good luck with your hand stitching and Happy Thanksgiving!

Girl, you are hilarious! I'm loving that fabric...did they have it in dacshunds too? :)

That turned out great!! I love the Scottie fabric, too. It might just be worth a trip to Hancocks to look for it--it's only a mile from my house though.

your too do list sounds EXACTLY like mine!! Darling mug rug! Which side would be yours? LOL.

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