November 15, 2010

Pardon Me!

My bad! I almost forgot to announce the winner of the Christmas giveaway!!! According to Mr. Random Number Generator, the winner is.....

Comment #90: Kara!!!

"Apparently generosity is also a trait that you practice all year long, not just at Christmas! The potholder is fantastic (and the fabric too)! Can't wait for the pattern!"

I felt a little weird posting that comment, and I promise I didn't fudge the results because of the compliment...haha!

IMPORTANT: Kara - I need for you to contact me at ktelschow at gmail dot com (you get the idea). I didn't see an email listed and your blogger profile is blocked, so I have no way to get ahold of you!

If I don't hear back from the winner by next Monday 11/22, I will redraw another winner. A big thanks from me to everyone for playing!!! :)

I looooooved reading through each and every comment! You all have such lovely holiday traditions and I can't tell you how much I enjoyed that little glimpse into your lives :) And bonus, I picked up a couple good movie suggestions and just moved Holiday Inn to the top of my Netflix queue....I'd never even heard of that movie before, but a ton of you mentioned it so it must be good! I looked it up on IMDb and I'm a little baffled by my ignorance. My sister and I used to live off of TCM and AMC in high school, and I can't believe I wasn't even familiar with the name! D'oh!


Can't wait to hear what you think of Holiday Inn - easily one of my favorites!

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