November 3, 2010

A quick hello!

I'm just popping my head in today to say hi! I have a ton of things to work on right now and I gotta keep my head above water, so I won't be blogging much the rest of the week.

HOWEVER, I do want to mention that I'll be having another giveaway soon! I just reached 100 posts and 100 followers, so that deserves a celebration, right?! Keep your eyes peeled in the coming days. And I'll even give you a's Christmas related...and will involve both fabric and handmade items ;)

Are you excited?! Because I am!


Love Christmas!!! Its my favorite :)

sounds exciting - christmas fun is the best!

No no, I'm not excited. In fact I'm quite bored. zzzzzz... lol, just kidding. Woot! A Christmasy give-away! :)

Whoohoo! Can't wait... BTW I LOVE LOVE LOVE your site! I'm specifically IN love with your double wedding ring quilt!

@quiltermom2 - Thank you!!! You're so sweet to say that :)

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