November 19, 2010

Somebody grab the smelling salts....

...because I might just pass out! Look what arrived in the mail today!!! Heather over at {House} of a la Mode was having a destash on Etsy, and for once in my life I was at the right place at the right time :)

I'm slowly but surely building my Flea Market Fancy stash....and it's slow going not only because FMF is hard to find, but also because I refuse to pay an arm and a leg for it!

I'm building quite the stash, because look what other hard-to-find prints I stumbled across this week! With the exception of the pink seeds, all of them were $5/fat quarter (which isn't cheap, but not as bad as most of the pricing I've seen). I bought a full 1/2 yard of the seeds and it was a smidge more than $5/FQ...hehe ;)

Sadly, this represents the last of my birthday money :(

RIP birthday money, hello fabric :)

From Top: Flea Market Fancy - Pink Seeds, Flea Market Fancy - Green Posies, Flea Market Fancy - Pink Daisy Dot, Bohemian - Galaxy Dots in Blue



awesome finds!! and happy belated birthday!!!!

i've put a hold on my FMF stash building because i decided that i need to focus on hoarding heather ross first, lol. i've been looking on etsy and ebay periodically for FMF and HR, and have an ebay watchlist that's wayyyy too long, even for a hoarder like me. have you looked on ebay for FMF? there are some good deals to be had, but you gotta be patient and set limits for yourself!

I bought this set from Heather too:))) and I can't wait to see it (probably I'll have to wait for it a bit longer than you, because I live in Europe).

For what it's worth, my LQS still has the pink stripe and brown barbells on the bolt.... contact me if you want their info.

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